YT Influencer Review

Hello everybody I wanted to hop on here Real quick and do a quick review of Chris darrenberger’s um YT YT influencer YouTube influencer course that he’s Coming out with Um as of the time of recording this it Will be coming out tomorrow I’ve had an Opportunity to go through the course Look at what’s actually inside the Course and like as no surprise Whatsoever like if you’ve ever taken any Of his courses especially his YouTube Focused courses which is kind of like All of them that’s like where his main Expertise is I’m somebody who’s made a Lot of money in the last six months Doing like product reviews which is Something that he gets heavily into and Something that he’s just been crushing Like so hard he but now he’s doing Physical products over like the last Year or so Um at least moving more heavy into that The last year and he’s kind of compiled All the knowledge that he’s learned into This course it’s a no-brainer like it Depends on kind of when you’re watching This but in the first week of launch the Course is going to be 13 so that’s Obviously like a no-brainer picked that Up even if you’re watching this after That I believe it’s going to move to 47 And then it may even step up from there But it’s just one of those things that’s

Like it’s so monetizable it’s so Actionable and he breaks it down in a Pretty smart way that I’ve never Actually seen a course broken down in This way so let’s take a look at it I’m Using like 10 000 different things to Record this video but let’s take a look Um here it is okay so I’m in the back End of YT influencer now um once you get In you’ll come to the training center Here one really cool way that he broke Down this course that I’ve never seen Anybody do like I said is through the Preparation and then action taking so he Lays out the steps like every single Thing that you need to know it’s like The proof that it actually works if You’ve seen what he does like he’s not Ever teaching anything that he’s not Doing himself Um he’ll show you the affiliate networks To to apply for the affiliate products That you want to actually or that you Know the type of products that he likes To go after and why he likes to go after Them so you’ll want to go after those as Well Um types of videos to make like how to Actually structure the review you videos Buyer intent videos just meaning how to Structure the the title of the video so That you’re getting like the right type Of traffic so it’s one thing to get Traffic it’s another thing to get high

Buyer intent traffic and he’ll show you That and then more review video Stuff How to position yourself to solve the Problems Um coupon slash discount type videos as Well informational videos I really like These buyer intent videos they’re like That’s kind of my bread and butter when I do stuff on YouTube Um and the money I’ve made has been There but there’s all kinds of stuff and And the way Chris like he showed me kind Of what he’s doing and what he’s making On the back end through just his Amazon Stuff not even to mention like the the Software stuff that he’s done in other Product reviews he’s done but just the Stuff that he’s promoting on Amazon he’s Crushing pretty hard like most people Would be very very happy to have the Income that he has just from that alone So here’s the action taking just shows You how to actually make sure that all Your links are working that your Channel’s set up properly how to rank Without even owning the product that’s a Really good one according digital Products how to how to edit with actual Cap cut like he goes deep into the Details so yeah there’s also faceless Ways to do it creating the thumbnails There’s really no stone left unturned With this and then cloaking strategies Adding vid IQ like and then he also

Provides some case studies as well so It’s just a really really great course And for the price it’s like pretty much Unbeatable There’s no way that if you take this Course and you apply what he teaches That it will not work for you it’s Guaranteed it’s not like it’s like black Hat stuff it’s just straightforward Finding products how to find them how to Get them for free and get paid to make The videos yeah and then just also make Money on the back end from commissions So these product reviews are crazy like They’re in such desperate need for People to record uh reviews for these Products and products are constantly Coming out and people are not going to Stop buying products people are going to Be buying products from Amazon and and Searching for product reviews on YouTube Which is like the second biggest um Search engine and searching for just Product reviews on Google since Google And YouTube you know Google owns YouTube The YouTube videos like rank like all The time on Google as well so you can Get kind of the double whammy there and Yeah you can pick it up right now go to Get YT yeah I hope you Pick it up if you’re looking for more of Like the in-depth like crazy strategy Stuff that he does there are upsells in There and just take a look at what they

Are so they’re all every single one of Them will work Um and it just works works really well So yeah check it out get love you guys

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