What Is The Amazon Influencer Program (Legit Side Hustle?)

In this video, I will show you what exactly is Amazon Influencer Program and how people can make money with it.

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There are a lot of ways to make money online and one of the best I have found is the Amazon Influencer.

In today’s video, I will deep dive and show you:
– What exactly it is
– How people make money with it
– How much money you can actually make

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You probably know as well as me that Instagram and Tik Tok influencers are Super notorious for promoting some of The worst side hustles in the world and One of the ones that they're really Pushing hard right now is the Amazon Influencer program so in this video We're going to look at what exactly the Amazon influencer program is we're going To look at how people are making money With it and we're going to really look At how much you can reasonably expect to Make in your first few months and then Obviously beyond that as well step one We're going to clear up a little Confusion here because a lot of people Are talking about the Amazon influencer Program and other people are talking About the Amazon affiliate program and There actually really two completely Different programs the Amazon affiliate Program what's going to happen is you're Going to go to Amazon you're going to Sign up for a link just like this and They're going to give you a link to Every product that's very unique to you Like this one now you have to go out on Your social media pages okay your Facebook account your Tik Tok account Your blog whatever it is and you have to Share that link and try to get people to Click that link and go buy stuff from Amazon so it's pretty hard you need to Get a lot of people clicking right

You'll make about a dollar for every Product you sell you're going to need to Get a lot of people and a lot of Followers to make any money with the Amazon affiliate program but the Amazon Influencer program is a little bit Different and the way the Amazon Influencer program works is instead of You having to send traffic you just get Products that are already purchased on Amazon okay so for example my microphone Was bought on Amazon so is my microphone Stand just about everything in my office Honestly all these lights that you can't See but that are lighting this up all Bought on Amazon and what you do is you Take out a cell phone and you take a Video of those products so you take some Like demo or review video about the Product that you just bought next you're Going to go take that video and you're Going to go upload it directly to Amazon So you're not putting this on your own Tik Tok you're not putting this on your Own Instagram nothing like that you Upload that video directly to Amazon and What Amazon is going to do with that Video is just like this they're going to Put it on the product page okay so you Can see here here are some of my videos On product pages and Amazon's going to Put them there and what happens is if Someone watches your video right so They're researching that product they

Can't decide they're not sure how long It is they're not sure how you know if It feels quality or not and so they're Researching and they watch your video as Part of their research and then they go And decide to buy the product you will Get paid you'll get paid an affiliate Commission basically the same as if you Had sent that customer over from your Blog or your Tik Tok account now in my Opinion and I I'm pretty positive about This that is much much much easier you Don't have to get 10,000 people to go to Amazon and click your link in order to Make $10,000 you just have to find Products own products already around Your house that a ton of people are Already going to Amazon to look at and If you put up a video about that you'll Get a ton of people watching your video Because they're already on that product Page and everyone that watches your Video and buys you get paid the two big Reasons that the Amazon influencer Program really crushes the Amazon Affiliate program is one you're not Going to have to send traffic you're not Going to have to build up a big social Following on Instagram you're not going To have all your friends watching your Videos if that bugs you nothing like That you are just putting your videos Directly on Amazon and you don't really Have to show your face in fact you can

See here's a couple of my videos where I'm just holding my phone and I'm taking Video and the second reason it's better Is you don't have to sell or anything Like that these are already people that Are clearly looking for and interested In that product you just need to Showcase the product you need to show Them the different features that it has So they can get an idea of if they want To purchase it or not so that's what the Amazon influencer program is let's talk A little bit about how you could get Started with this or how people are Getting into this program they do have An application process it's a lot easier Than I think most people make it out to Be and I actually have a video that I'll Leave in the comments that goes into Much more detail about that process but What you have to do is you have to sign Up with one of your Social accounts so You could do Facebook Instagram Tik Tok Or YouTube and you'll sign up and They'll approve you or deny you right on The spot basically they're going to have A little AI bot look over your Social Account no one really quite knows what It's looking for but it's going to make Sure you have an active Social account It's going to make sure you've got Active followers that you're doing Things and not just you know it's not Just a dead account next people have to

Upload three videos and Amazon's Actually going to watch those videos and Approve or disprove them basically They're going to say okay you give us a We'll give you a trial run we'll let you In the program on a trial basis give us Three videos show us what you got we'll See if you're following the rules we'll See if you're making good content that We feel good about putting on Amazon and Once those three videos get approved Then it's kind of the Wild West you're Now in the program and you can upload as Many videos as you want you can upload Dozens every day I think the most I've Ever uploaded is like 50 in a single day But you can really start going crazy With this all right so let's move on and We'll talk about how people are making Money with this and then at the very end I'm going to show you kind of my Earnings from the very beginning so you Can get a good idea of maybe what to Expect here and I'll tell you what I was Doing to get there so there's three main Ways that people are making money with This and the first way is they're Literally just walking around their House most people have stuff that was Either purchased on Amazon or could be Purchased on Amazon so you don't have to Purchased it from Amazon it just has to Be available on Amazon so if you bought It from Walmart but there's one on

Amazon as well that's great you can make A video about it so you take a video About everything in your house right you Just walk around with your phone and you Make a little demo video about Everything in your house now that's Going to get you up to a certain level And we'll kind of show you at the end my Levels and how much money I was making In each of these phases but the next Step is just hitting up friends and Family right call up a neighbor or a mom That lives close by or a dad and you say Hey can I come over to your house and Take some quick videos it'll take a Couple hours I just want to film Everything in your house that's Available on Amazon and then the third Thing that people are doing and again That video down below will give you Details about this and and really like My whole research process they're going Out and they're finding items on Amazon You can see right here something sell 10,000 20,000 30,000 times a month right And if you can show up with your video On that product I've got products that Have made literally thousands of sales In a single month just because mine was The video that was showing up there and It was getting a lot of views and a lot Of sales so I'll go buy something for 50 Bucks that I kind of want anyway I'll go Make my video about it and then I'll

Make 500 or 1,000 bucks off that video And it pays off the thing that I really Wanted well and above beyond what I paid For it so let's hop in here and look at My results from the first day I Discovered this up until you know Something roughly close to now you can See here my first payout was in October So I discovered it like September um Some near August and September and I Only made five videos just to kind of See what would happen right and overall Those videos made $92 which was pretty Exciting it was just five super random Things around my house they weren't Expensive things nothing like that and They took me maybe an hour or two to Make so I was pretty happy with 92 bucks And I walked around my my house and took A bunch more videos you can see here the Next month I made $600 or $598 at that Point I started to take this much more Seriously than I did the first few Months because 500 bucks is pretty Awesome and it was pretty passive like Once I made the videos they kind of just Kept making money over and over again so At that point I filmed everything in my House I went through and found every Item that could possibly be on Amazon no Matter where we had purchased it and we Went through and filmed and uploaded Those videos to Amazon you can see right Here I was now making $2,700 that next

Month and now it started to get close to Christmas you can see we're getting Close to December January my payout Start to go up what I started doing then Is just what I just described I hit up Family and friends I went around and I Started to find the the hot selling Stuff on Amazon everything the people Were going to buy around Christmas you Know the Christmas trees and the wreaths And all that stuff I spent um probably Close to $8 to $110,000 on all that Stuff cuz I it was already making money And I was clear it was clear that this Was working now you can see here I spent 8 to $10,000 but after that I made $122,000 then $199,000 and that's the payout from the Christmas month and then $133,000 and After that I kind of stopped putting a Ton of effort into this essentially what I'm doing now is I'm taking videos of Stuff that I get and that I buy and That's all I'm doing and you can see Right here it's a very passive income Stream at this point once you get two Three 400 videos that are kind of just Hanging out on Amazon you'll see money Just starts coming in every single month Those videos still get watched and they Still get you still get paid when those Videos get watched that is the best part About this Amazon influencer program is The fact that it can turn so passive

That a little bit of work now can yield A lot of results and give you time to Continue to build as time goes on so it Looks like for once the Tik Tok and Instagram influencers actually got Something right the Amazon influencer Program is legit I'm going to leave a Link down below to another video that Goes into much more detail about each Step of the process if you're looking For help getting approved looking for Help finding the products to buy looking For help to really just optimize and Really maximize this awesome side hustle That video should do everything you need

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