Step-by-Step Guide To Creating a $500/Day Blog (Using AI)

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**Affiliate Disclaimer: I can and do promote multiple affiliate links in this video. Meaning I get paid when you sign up through my link. I also have sponsors that sponsor. Everything I say is my honest opinion.**

Welcome to our comprehensive tutorial on blogging with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of blogging or an experienced writer looking to enhance your content creation process, this video is designed to provide you with valuable insights and practical steps.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll delve into the exciting realm of AI-powered blogging and explore how it can transform your approach to content creation. Here’s an overview of what you can expect to learn in this video:

Introduction to AI in blogging: We’ll start by introducing you to the concept of Artificial Intelligence and its relevance in the field of blogging. You’ll gain a clear understanding of how AI can assist bloggers at various stages of content creation.

Selecting the right AI tools: Not all AI tools are created equal. We’ll guide you through the process of selecting the right AI-powered tools and platforms for your specific blogging needs. From content generation to SEO optimization, you’ll discover a range of AI solutions available to bloggers.

Content Ideation and Generation: One of the most exciting applications of AI in blogging is content ideation and generation. We’ll show you how AI algorithms can help you come up with topic ideas and even generate initial drafts, saving you oodles of time.

SEO Optimization: We’ll show you how AI can be a game-changer in optimizing your blog posts for search engines. We’ll cover AI-driven keyword research, on-page SEO recommendations, and tools that can boost your blog’s visibility.

Content Editing and Proofreading: AI-powered editing tools can help you polish your writing and eliminate grammar and spelling errors. We’ll walk you through the use of these tools to enhance the quality of your content.

Content Distribution and Promotion: Discover how AI can assist in planning and executing effective content distribution strategies. From social media scheduling to email marketing automation, AI can streamline your promotional efforts.

Analytics and Performance Tracking: We’ll explore how AI-driven analytics tools can provide valuable insights into your blog’s performance. You’ll learn how to interpret data, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to grow your blog.

Future Trends in AI and Blogging: To stay ahead in the blogging game, it’s essential to be aware of emerging AI trends. We’ll touch on some future developments and innovations in AI that may shape the blogging landscape.

By the end of this video, you’ll have a solid understanding of how to integrate AI into your blogging workflow, making your content creation process more efficient and effective. Join us on this journey to unlock the full potential of AI in blogging. Don’t forget to subscribe for more informative content and stay tuned for upcoming tutorials!

Affiliate Disclaimer: I can and do promote multiple affiliate links in this video. Meaning I get paid when you sign up through my link. I also have sponsors that sponsor. Everything I say is my honest opinion.

This video is going to be a step-by-step Tutorial on how to create an affiliate Marketing blog that you can operate in 10 to 20 minutes a day using Ai and the Best part is you can eventually build This up to a five to ten thousand dollar Per month asset now I'm fully aware this Is a super long video but I promise you If you are a beginner and you're Watching this video and you watch till The end and follow along by the end of This video you will have a website all Set up and running you'll have your blog Running you'll know exactly what content And what articles you're going to put Out for the next six months to a year You'll know exactly how you're going to Put those out with 10 to 15 minutes a Day of work and time and you'll have a Monetization strategy in place so you Can start making money as soon as Traffic starts coming into your blog From Google and just to prove that what I'm about to show you actually works and Is really pretty insane I'm going to Show you on the screen right here this Is a 90-day window of traffic to my own Personal blog and you can see right here I started about 30 days ago implementing Exactly what we're going to be showing You and you can see right here I just Started to shoot up for keywords that I Was ranking for just a huge massive Spike in the last like 15 days so as

Soon as Google started to see these Articles and then same thing with Organic traffic to the most ever and all Of this started once I started doing Exactly what I'm about to teach you so Let's dive in and make this happen step One to create any blog is you're going To need two things you're going to need A host and you're going to need a domain Now all the Hosting account is is it's a Place on the internet where all of your Information and all your articles and Stuff can live so that people can access Them anytime and then all a domain is is It's your website for example my domain Is so there's a lot of Different hosts out there and I spend a Lot of time going through different ones And I've really settled on the best for Beginners being a host called hostinger So I'm going to leave a link down below So that you can get started with Hostinger and there's a lot of reasons That I love them they're very beginner Friendly they're very budget friendly And third they're also very helpful if You get stuck or have problems they can Hop on they've got really good support So you're gonna get to a website like This they may be running a different Promotion but you're going to click get Started or claim deal or whatever the The big thing is for the month and you Can see right here that that's going to

Give you three different plan options You're totally fine going on the 299 a Month one the most popular ones got a Few things it'll speed up your site It'll make your life a little bit easier But if that's too much for your budget No problem you can tell totally do Everything we're going to show you and Still get traffic from Google and Everything on this 299 a month one That's worth noting these prices are if You commit to using it for a couple of Years so we'll click the add to cart Here and I'll actually show you what the What the real pricing is when you pay up Front as you can see right here it can Be it can be 16 a month if you want the Option to cancel after the first month What I would do is probably do that 12 Month one but again this is all up to You you can do this however you want to Get started I'm going to click on 12 Months because that's 4.99 a month and You get a free domain with it that means It's about 50 bucks for me to get Started with a year of Hosting where my Website can be online right here where It says have a coupon code you're going To type in the word Spencer and when you Click apply it's going to drop the price Another 10 from whatever it currently is Once you've made the purchase you're Gonna have to create a password because They're going to create an entire

Hostinger account for you now it's going To have kind of a walkthrough option or Just a take me to my dashboard and let Me go from there you're going to want to Just go to the dashboard I'm going to Show you everything you need to do from Here so once you do skip you're going to Want to create a new website we're going To select that and it's going to give You two different options now again I'm Showing you everything on this tutorial So we're going to click skip I want to Start from scratch and then we're going To start claiming our free domain again If you choose the any of those plans That I was talking about you'll get a Free domain which is a free website name Now this is the fun part where you start To get creative maybe you've already got One in mind but you'll find oftentimes The one you have in mind is already Taken so we're gonna play the little Game where we start typing in a bunch of Different things until we find something We like now I would if I Could dot Co if I couldn't I Wouldn't go too far into kind of some of The funnier websites you'll find they Don't get clicked nearly as often all Right and after a tinkering with it for About five minutes you can see that I Found the domain this blog runs on we are going to run with that now Once more you're going to fill out all

Of your registration and contact details One piece of advice right here is you're Probably not going to want to fill it Out perfectly with your home phone Number and your home address and your Regular email address that you use for Everything because you'll find that You're going to get spam mail spam Emails some spam phone calls and stuff Because this is all public information Unless you pay to hide it but you will Want to make sure that you put in some Kind of email address it's real because They are going to verify your email Address so maybe if you've got an extra One that you you use for contests or Giveaways or something like that I would Use that email address and once your Site's set up it's going to give you an Option to go look at your website which Isn't going to be great because there's Nothing on your website yet instead We're going to click here and manage our Site or go to the control panel now this Is one of those things that I found has Just been easier in hosting her and We're going to install what's called WordPress I think you can just think of WordPress as a CMS or as like a general Structure of your website where it's Like the DNA of your site and then You'll get to go in and specify Everything that you want you know what Your menu looks like and your logo and

All that WordPress just basically tells All the websites out there that you have A menu and you have a logo so we're Going to go right here to Auto installer And you can see right there it's got a Couple things we can install we're going To Auto install WordPress now you're Going to pick a website title I'm just Going to pick my main name and then You'll pick an email you'll definitely Want to make sure you have access to This email this is the email you'll log Into your website with and then you'll Play the waiting game again so if I were You I would just keep pausing as we play This waiting game if you're following Along you can just click pause and wait For it to finish on your screen and then Resume now your slide will be set up and The next step is to actually go in and From now on you probably won't be Dealing with hostinger ever so it it'll Be kind of Hosting your information and Stuff like that but you'll actually be Editing and creating your website and Uploading blog posts and all that fun Stuff directly inside of WordPress so We're going to click edit website right Here and then you'll see right here it's My domain and then it's going to say WordPress admin and it's automatically Going to log in now your login Information that you just created is Going to log you in to disks from now on

So whenever you want to log into the Back end of your website to edit it and Do all this fun stuff you're going to go To WP admin now it may Look confusing it may not 90 of what you See here we're not going to be using so First thing we're going to do is I'm Going to go to plugins and I actually Just go and I delete all of these Plugins right here because we're going To be putting in the ones that I think Work best for what we're doing right Here so I'm going to go in and I'm just Going to select right here I'm going to Select deactivate because we have to Deactivate before we can delete once It's deactivated them then I'm going to Click delete right here and delete those Plugins that's where things get fun and We're going to create our actual website Now for this tutorial I'm assuming that Most of us are beginners and for that Purpose I'm going to try to only use Free stuff okay so there's going to be Paid and freed options that I use lot on My website but since we're beginners we Obviously don't want to put in a ton of Money in the beginning so in that Spirit What we're going to do is we're going to Go right up here to appearance and you Can see that's just on your left right There and it's got these different Themes now a theme is just kind of a General structure of your site right

What color do you want your your main Colors to be what do you want your logo To be how many different pages do you Want in your menu things like that so We're gonna go to add new right here and We're going to type in Astra or you'll Probably see it right there because it's One of the most common it's really one Of the best ones out there so we're Going to click install right here and It's going to install for us you'll see That oftentimes WordPress does a lot of Stuff for us so we'll install it and Then we'll click activate right there And it's going to activate this theme Astra which is going to give us a lot of Access to our site and once we've Installed Astro we're going to start Messing with all the settings of our Site so this is where you get it kind of Customize what you've got so again we're Going to go to appearance right here and We're going to go to customize and There's going to be a bunch of different Things that we're going to customize That you may do a little differently Than me but I'll show you where to do it All first thing we want to do is go Change our home page settings Essentially we're telling Astra here That we are having a Blog we don't need A website with a home page and services And pricing and reviews all that fun Stuff this is just a Blog designed to

Make money so we're going to click right Here on these home page settings and Then we're going to go right here where It says your homepage displays and we're Going to click on your latest post and You're going to see it's going to pull Up something that looks probably a Little familiar because this is what a Lot of blogs look like then you can Click publish right here now you're Probably noticing that you've got this Menu with all these things that you Really don't offer so the next thing We've got to edit is our menu we're Going to go to menu right here we're Going to go to primary and you can see It's going to have all of these Different pages we're going to select Each one of these and we're going to Remove each one of them one at a time And I'm actually going to remove the Home page as well because they can Always just click our logo right here Which we're going to show you how to Create a logo in about 10 seconds so We're going to remove that as well and Then once again we'll click publish so I'm going to leave a link down below This is going to take you to canva now You can't do what I'm showing you here In the free plan but what you can do is Sign up for the paid plan and you can See right here they actually have a free Trial so you'll sign up for the paid

Plan you can do everything I show you in The trial version and if you don't Really want to stick with canva you can Cancel before you ever pay any money so Once you're all signed up you're going To see dashboard that looks like this You'll probably have less templates and Stuff because you haven't been using it Like I have but we're gonna go right Here and we're actually going to type in Logo and we're going to click on enter Right there now once you type in logo It's going to give you a ton of Different logo templates I could Literally scroll forever and they're Just all these different logos that you Can go in and start editing so you're Going to find one that you like and You're just going to tweak it a little Bit to match your personal website now If you're struggling to find what you Like you can always type in kind of the Category or the subject of your website At the top so for example since mine's Kind of all about AI I could type in AI Logo right there and it'll actually give Me logos that have ai kind of somewhat In them so you can see these are very Pertinent to what I'm going to be doing With my blog and you can see here even When I type in that I've got 110 000 Templates there's plenty of options here I'm just going to run with this one Right here for the sake of the tutorial

See all I've got to do is Click Customize this template and you could Add your own text or do whatever you Want I'm just going to delete all that And that's going to be my logo that's Going to sit at the top left start part Of my blog now if I were you and what I Always do is I would actually delete the Background as well now you can't really See it because it's white but once it Shows up on that blue color right there It'll be totally fine so next you're Going to click share you're going to Click down here and you're going to Click on download I would always select Transparent background 500×500 is Totally fine for this and we're going to Click on download now to get this logo Uploaded and installed on our site we're Going to go once again to this Customization tab here we're going to go To site identity and there's two things We're going to do first we're going to Need to do a site icon that's what shows Over the top and then we're going to Want to upload our logo now full Disclosure in the meantime I switched Out logos because that one was all white And it's just really hard for me to see So I wouldn't recommend going with an All-white logo in the future but I'm Going to click upload and I'm going to Go with the other logo that I found Which is this one right here and I'm

Going to upload that one now you can see Here it's going to ask me to crop it Don't worry about cropping for this part And it may not let you crop because of The size of it and then the next thing We're going to do is we're going to go To site title and logo and we're going To do the exact same thing we're going To change out that logo for this one We're going to click select once again It's going to ask us to crop it I would Crop it as close to your logo as you can As such and then you're going to see It's probably going to be huge once I Install it and it is is you can see the Top of our site is ginormous no worries As we scroll down right here you can see We can change the size of the logo and That will automatically change the size Of where it's fitting so I'm going to go To something that looks a little more Fitting kind of like this right here I Think so that's a decent logo depending On what you're going with right doesn't Really matter for the sake of a Blog and A brand like that but we're going to run With that and once again we'll click Publish now you'll see that using this Back button right here you can always Get back to this page where we run all The customization settings for the site Now the next thing you're going to want To do is kind of just choose a general Color scheme typography fonts that you

Like all that fun stuff so you're going To go to Global right here and you can See there's a bunch of different things You can play with you can say you know These are the fonts that I like make Sure that it's something readable this Is a Blog the entire idea of it is Readable also don't spend forever Searching for this because it's not Super important but I'm going to go with Something like that that looks like a Good general font that it's readable and Easy to see you can also go right here To colors and you can set up kind of Your your general color palette so right Here it's got kind of like the order of Colors these are different colors it's Going to use the main color being color One that's the only one really mess with Right now maybe color two I'm gonna go In here I kind of like black so you can See it's going to automatically change My header to Black and that's going to Be kind of be my primary color that the Main color of your blog and you can then Add like a good accent color or Something that you think goes well with That main color but I'm pretty happy Running with kind of a black and white And gold look right here so I think I'm Going to go there I'm going to drag this Over to like right here here maybe and Run with something that kind of looks a Little goldish I mean that's not quite

Goldish but we had the gist and once Again we'll click publish now you can go You can get as extensive as you want Here you can see here you can change the Color of your links the color of your Accents on the website the site Background lots of things that you can Change right here if you want to Obviously we're showing you how to set Up a Blog and get going none of that is Going to help you make money which is The core idea behind this video going Back one step you can see there's all Kinds of things that you can mess with Here including customization on buttons And things like that all we're going to Mess with right here is container we're Going to essentially make this readable So you can see right here this is the Layout of the blog it's got really wide With kind of some stuff on the side you Can see just different ones I always run With right here the narrow width or the Full width contain we're going to click Narrow width right here and you can see It's much narrower now what that does is When someone's reading on a computer it Just makes it easier for them not to Have to go all the way across the screen With their eyes they can they can easily Go to the next line without losing their Place I just found it's easier for Readability so you can leave the rest of These settings as they are we're gonna

Go back one one more time I want to go Back one more time and then we're gonna Go to blog right here and what we're Going to do is we're going to set what We want our blog post to look like so You can see right here on a single blog Post it once again has a layout now the Layout that I find works best for my Blog post and for the way that we're Going to be monetizing our blog is once Again we can do the full width contained Or we can do the narrow width I'm going To run with the narrow width again just Like that and once again we're going to Click publish now at this point you Should have a good looking template for Your blog essentially it's almost ready For you to start uploading content and In fact if we go right here we remove All this stuff after the we Can actually see kind of what we're Looking at it's a pretty basic Generalized block now what's going to Happen is this front page right here is Automatically going to update with all The posts as you go so each new post Will show up on this front page so two More things we need to do first we need To establish who's the writer on this Blog so back in our WP admin dashboard Right here you can see right here on the Left we're going to go once again but This time we're going to click on users And this is you right and what you're

Going to do is you're just going to Establish who you want it to display as The writer doesn't have to be you but You'll put in a first name and last name A nickname a display name and then You're going to scroll down like this You can upload a picture you don't have To but what you really want to check Here is display name publicly ads so This is what your posts are going to be Written by right this is the author that It's going to say they're written by so We're going to click on that and we're All good to go scroll all the way to the Bottom and click update profile now Maybe it's time to pause take a breath Get excited because it's almost time to Start writing the actual blog post that Are going to bring in the traffic that's Going to make us the money so let's go Here real quick all we need to do now is Establish categories there's going to be A bunch of sub categories so for example If my blog is about blogging let's say I've got this blog and I want to have a Couple of sub categories so I'm going to Go up to here to post and I'm going to Type in categories and we're going to Tell our blog what categories we're Going to be writing about so one Category of blogging might be monetizing Which is essentially taking a Blog and Using it to make money right I'm going To click add new category right there

Then I'm going to go down here again I'm Going to do it for a couple more Categories and you can see right here I Added a couple categories hiring reviews Like product reviews ranking which is Showing up on Google and monetizing and Those are the categories that I'm going To run with now the last thing I'm going To do is add those categories to the top So we don't have such an ugly menu at The top so we're going to go here to Appearance we're going to go to menus Once again and you can see right here That we can select categories and we've Got view all all the categories and I'm Just going to select all these Categories right here and I'm going to Add them to my menu now watch what Happens when I click save menu right Here I can go back to my website and Look we've got this nice looking blog With all the categories that we're going To be writing about and the posts are Going to show up in each of their Respective Pages as we post the content Now let's pause for a second you're Still watching hopefully you followed Along you now have a full blog set up And running all you need to start doing Is putting content on your blog Hopefully that wasn't too bad you can Let me know down below if there's Questions I promise I will always answer Your questions now this might be a good

Time to ask for a like if you're Following along hopefully you've Received some value at this point and There's a button down below that you can Show that value by clicking like the Next step is content creation and Essentially we're going to start by Finding as many idea is as we can to Write articles about we all know that When we go to Google something there's Only one two maybe three people that are Going to have their website show up in The top few spots of Google we need to Find opportunities that are easy for us To get our website to show up in one of Those spots so what we're going to do is We're going to use a software called Ahrefs and I'll leave a link down below To that as well full disclosure ahrefs Doesn't have a free trial you are gonna Have to pay for one month but I've just Never seen a tool that does it as well As ahrefs does so we're going to use it For just one month you're going to be Able to get all the research for the Next six months to a year worth of Content and articles that you're going To put on your blog and then you can go Ahead and cancel if you're not getting Value anymore so once inside of address We're gonna go to keyword Explorer right Here we're going to do some really Unique cool things that a lot of people Don't do and that's how we're going to

Find these these opportunities that a Lot of marketers and a lot of blogs are Not going for so you're going to type in Kind of your core keyword right here so Let's say my core keyword was making Money that's what my main blog is about A lot of different ways to make money I'll even type in make money that's Probably faster what it's going to do is It's going to give you a bunch of charts A bunch of confusing things and we're Going to go right here to matching terms Now if you do matching terms and you Only come up with 10 20 30 ideas then You can go ahead and move on to related Terms as well and do the exact same Process over again but we're going to Start with matching terms essentially We're looking for things people are Typing in into Google where they use the Phrase make money somewhere in there as Well so a good example as I scroll down Make money from home right make extra Money how did Andrew trade make his Money stuff like that so working like That and now we're going to do some Sorting okay we're going to start Filtering we're going to say we only Want the good stuff the stuff that I Have the best shot at ranking with a Small block so first we're going to go To KD right here this is called keyword Difficulty if you've got a brand new Blog you're probably going to want to

Max out at 20. this is a score out of 100 and you're essentially saying I only Want the top 20 of stuff that's easy to Rank for so we'll click apply right There now volume this is how many people Are searching for it every month I Usually say a minimum of 50 which is Pretty low but because we're using AI to Write the Articles it takes so little Time so little money so little work that We're okay ranking for something that Only gets searched a couple times a day Okay so we'll click apply right here Next we're gonna go to lowest Dr and This is domain rating again essentially We're saying hey okay we only want Searches where there's at least one Website that's ranking right now that's Kind of a small website not a big major Publication like or something Right we want something small because That's probably what we're going to be Knocking out so I usually say up to About 40 in the Max and we'll say in the Top 10 and click apply and the very last Thing you're going to do is you're going To go to word count and I usually say at Least three words you don't want to try To rank for something like the word Money that's very very hard so we'll Click apply right here I want to click Show results and you're going to see It's going to give us tons of ideas to Write about okay looking here just in a

Few seconds secret websites to make Money how to make money on only fans uh How much money does Elon Musk make in a Second how to make money fast as a woman How does GoodRx make money how much Money can you make and still get Social Security these are all things that we Could write about and then we'll talk About how we make money off of them down The road we're gonna go click through a Bunch of these okay the ones that we Feel like we want to write articles About that make sense for what the Category and the subject matter and the People that are reading our articles Where what makes sense for them we're Gonna go click a bunch of them they want To click add to okay I'm going to add Them to a keyword list list you're not Going to have a list yes you're going to Create a new list and then you're just Going to make your main list right now You're going to make a list and call it Articles to write or something like that And you're going to add as many as you Can to a list you can see I've been Adding them to this new keywords Ai and There's about 65 in there right now so Once we've done this for a while well we Can do it with matching terms we can do With related terms then you're going to Go and click onto that keyword list and You're going to see you're going to have A nice green chart or you're going to

Have this nice graph of keywords that You can start working on so now it comes Time to write and this is where things Get a really really awesome with what We're going to show you right here Because there's there's three ways to do Go about writing right now you can hire A writer but that's very very expensive You're going to spend one to two hundred Dollars an article for a good article Option two is you can write them Yourself but that's going to take a lot Of time it's going to take you two three Four five hours to write a good article And depending on how good of a writer You are it might not even be a good Article but option three which I'm going To show you right here can spit out Dozens of Articles every single day it's Very very budget friendly and it Requires almost no time from you the Person creating the article so I'm going To leave a link down below to this Software and it's called any word okay You're gonna click and when you sign up For any word there's going to be a Couple different pricing options I think I'm on the middle package right here You're totally fine being on the starter Package in the beginning you get quite a Bit of content still and even better Like you can see you actually do get a Seven day free trial with any word so You can kind of give it a run and see

How it goes but once you sign into any Word right here you're going to go to Blog Wizard and it's going to start Working you through it's going to take About five minutes to work through an Entire blog post so you're going to go To each one of your articles right here Right so my first keyword get paid to Watch Netflix doesn't that just sound so Much better than what we're learning Right here why are we trying to learn to Blog and create content when we can just Get paid to watch Netflix anyway we're Going to take that main keyword we're Going to head over here to the blog Wizard and it's going to say what is This going to be about and we're going To say how to get paid to watch Netflix Right that's the description you can Give it deeper details so you could say Make sure to include at least Seven ways which is pretty standard or You can go into more detail if you want But we're gonna just do something simple Like that usually honestly I'll just put In the keyword like that it's going to Say target audience and we'll kind of Ignore that I would go with that Engaging Tone If you have a Blog that's Maybe very professional targeting Lawyers or something you might want to Change it but engaging is usually the Way to go then you can add your primary Keyword which is going to be get paid to

Watch Netflix right and this is what we Want to rank for we want to get rank Four get paid to watch Netflix now it's Going to ask for secondary keywords what We're going to do is we're actually Going to go click on this keyword and It's going to give you a couple other Things that they might want to be sure To include in the article and we can Include them as we go so as we look Through here that for things that might Look interesting most of these are kind Of all the same but Netflix tagger looks Like something that's probably a way to Get paid so let's make sure that they Include the word Netflix tagger right There okay and then we can add a few More if we feel like that's relevant so I might add make money watching Netflix You can see how those are similar but Different we want to rank for that as Well I assume and then the last one is Make money watching movies right so Essentially I'm taking the core phrase And kind of like changing it up thinking About other things people might search That are basically the same thing but They're typing it in differently than That right there I'm going to click next Right here and head on down to the next One now what's going to happen is it's Actually going to give us five title Options the nice thing is if you don't Like any of these options you can always

Click more suggestions and keep going Through what you're really looking for Is a decent title that includes that Main phrase get paid to watch Netflix Right that's what we want to rank for we Definitely are going to want that in the Title now I'm okay with option one right Here how to turn your Netflix addiction Into a side hustle get paid to watch I'm Probably gonna flip those but that's Something I can do down the road that's A pretty good title it includes all Those keywords I'm going for so I'm Going to click next right here now it's Going to give you an outline that you Can adjust or not adjust I almost never Mess with the outline I'll just glance At it and make sure it's all good you Can see it's going to go over why that's An option it's going to go over a bunch Of different methods you can see tagging Reviews Netflix study freelance writer Seven different options essentially and Then how to apply that's a pretty good Outline for an article right everything Someone would need to know if they're Getting started with looking into this Option to get paid if you feel like They're missing something since you know The subject matter better you can always Click plus right here and add in between Any of these your own section that you'd Like to add but we're pretty good at That so we're gonna go ahead and click

Next and then it's time to go now the Nice thing here is you can generate the Whole blog or you can generate each one Individually and you can give it a word Count this is kind of where any word Stands out a lot of these AI options Don't let you pick a word account and They spit out as few words as possible Which is great for AI and great for the Software but terrible for ranking in Google typically I usually shoot for Either 2 000 or 2500 words and I'm going To shoot for 2500 in here so I'm going To click continue to editor and we're Going to see the magic happen alright so You can see right here that it's got an Intro and then it's got every single Section written all out for you you're Free to read through each one if you're A perfectionist and you kind of want to Make sure and you can regenerate any of Them that you feel like it didn't do a Good job on I won't really do much the Only thing I will make sure is that it Did not start each of the sections with The exact same phrase so a lot of times I'll notice it kind of generates the Paragraphs individually and when it does It that way I've noticed that it will It'll start each section the exact same With like the same five or six words and It looks like it's not doing that here If you want to another way to get paid If you have a knack if you have another

I might go through there and just tweak The first sentences and a few of them You don't want to have the same first Sentence in every single section so I Might just tweak it a little bit but Honestly sometimes I won't but let's Have a quick look and see what we came Up with are you an avid Netflix binge You're looking for ways to turn your Love of streaming into a side hustle Your luck we'll compiled a list of seven Creative ways you can actually get paid To watch Netflix important to note here It's putting in that keyword because That's what we want to rank for and it's Going to liberally distribute that Throughout this article now you can Pause if you'd like and kind of read Through what it came up with but it Comes up with great grammar great Writing great outlines everything here Is exactly what I would have paid a Rider to spit out so we're going to Click copy to clipboard right here now We're gonna head back to our blog that We created that looks so nice but it's Empty all we have is this hello world Post right here we're gonna go back to Our blog and you may have to log in if Not you'll just need to get to your Dashboard either by clicking up there or By re-logging in and we're gonna go to Posts right here you can see we've got This hello world post that we're going

To want to trash because that's what Every single blog comes with and we're Going to click on add new now there's a Lot of different ways people do this I'm Going to try to teach the easiest way And the cheapest way where you're not Going to buy a bunch of softwares and Stuff like that so we're just going to Use this block editor exactly like it is We're going to click plus right here and We're going to insert a paragraph now Once the paragraph is inserted we're Going to paste everything that we just Put in there and you're going to see It's going to throw all these sections Into paragraphs and the article is in There now we need to take this title we Need to move it up to here and now we've Got a base article right here and in Fact if I go right here I can click Preview and we can kind of see there it Is this is a decent looking article it's Not going to blow anyone's mind but it's A decent looking article and now we can Go pretty it up and actually make it Look good step one of cleaning this up And making everything look nice is we're Going to take all of these subheadings Right here and make them stand out a Little more make them bigger text and Stuff like that now unfortunately this Is a little not a lot but a little bit Hard so to do that we're going to click Into any of these and you can see that I

Can add a block and I'm going to add now A heading block okay and we're gonna go These are H2S it should default to H2 You can always click and change if you Need to but I'm now going to type in the Word intro okay and now I can remove This intro now I can remove this intro Right here and back this up to there now Just to show you what that's going to End up looking like you can see I can Once again preview over here and it's Just going to make this nice kind of Clean looking H2 so we're going to do That with every single one of these Major sections and the easiest way to do That is go up here we're going to click Plus we're gonna go to heading right Here okay and we're just going to drag It right into the right above every spot That we want it so put the heading right There and now I'm just going to type in Again once again the rise of streaming Services and I'll probably just remove The last part okay so go like that and You can see I'm going to go all the way Down now and do that to all of these Major sections it'll take me about a Minute to do it to all seven sections Now once I've gone down and done that I Usually you try to give myself some Breathing Room on my blog and what I Mean by that is have you ever opened up A book or an email or something and it's Just words they're just they've just

Pounded so many words onto a page that Your brain instantly becomes overwhelmed And you don't read you immediately go Back we want to avoid that because we Want people to actually read our blog so What we're going to do is we're going to Space it out a little so it's easy to Read and the way we do that for me at Least I just click enter after every Single sentence you can see right here I'm going to go in sometimes I'll leave Like two sentences like that one right There but typically I'm just kind of Going through here and spacing it all Out you can see I'm just going I'm going So once we've gone and done that you can See now it's just a little more readable A little more digestible and people tend To stay on your blog for longer which Means you're going to be more likely to Make profit now the last and final step Is we need to add images that make sense Throughout this blog post and then we Need to add a featured image now we can Do this with AI but there's also just a Database of thousands if not millions of Free pictures out there that were free To use as well and so what we're going To do is we're going to start with the Easy free pictures that are already Created and if there's ever a spot where You don't like the picture that it's Giving you you can always use AI to Create it and I'll show you how to do

That but we're going to go to a site Called pixabay right here right and what The intro is about is making money with Netflix so we could say something like Making money and see what we come up With right here now I'm going to run With this picture right here a man Watching Netflix right here all I have To do is click on download and I can Download that image so I'm going to use That image as what's called my feature Image and your feature image is Essentially what shows up if someone Shares it on Facebook or something like That and then it's also the main picture At the top so to do that we're going to Add our feature image we're going to go All the way down to here okay on the Right side we're gonna go to featured Image and we're going to set the Featured image and we're going to upload What we just downloaded from pixabay We'll click set featured image right Here and we are good to go and the next Place I want to add is I'm actually Going to add it right below this main Title right here so I'm going to click Plus I'm going to go over here and I'm Going to click on image and I'm going to Drag it right below there just because I Always do that in my article and once Again I already have it so I can go to My media library just click on it and Select right there and now you can see

That's kind of the main image that comes Right after that now what I'll do is I'll probably add seven or eight other Images so typically I'll add an image Before each section I'll say the rise of Streaming services and then I'll add an Image right there so right here I'm Going to click plus and I'm going to add An image right underneath that okay and I'm gonna go do that underneath all of Them and it's really easy to get the Images directly from pixabay so I could Type in streaming service right and then We get a bunch of different options I'm Probably just going to run at this nice Looking Netflix one that I can once Again download so I'm going to do this Exact process seven to eight different Times to the bottom of the article [Music] Okay that'll take you a few more minutes And once again you're going to click Preview and make sure that everything Looks kosher and look at that we've got This nice long 2500 word blog post with Nice images and we've had to pay almost Nothing and spend almost no time on the Whole creation of this now the last few Steps very very easy if you're a blogger You can either schedule it and tell it To publish at a specific time I usually Try to put out one every single day I Like the Cadence of that I like the Rhythm of that but you can just have it

Go public right now if you'd like as Well but we're going to schedule it for Tomorrow and we're going to kind of let That run you can mess with any of this You like but typically I'm just going to Mess with these categories right here And I'm going to choose the category That makes the most sense I did change What the subject of my blog was right in The middle of the tutorial my apologies But the closest one here is monetizing So we're going to click on that I'm Going to kind of click off of that okay And all we have left to do now is Click Publish and we can do a quick double Check and it will be good to go now you Head over to your site right so once Again I'm gonna go to this blog runs on and what do you know the home Page is now showing the one blog post That we currently have up and if I go to The category of monetizing you can see It says you do have one blog post in the Monetizing category none of these other Categories have any posts which makes a Whole lot of sense because we've only Written one at this point now if you've Been following along with me and doing This as we go you now have a full blog You've got your first post up you know Exactly what you're going to write about For the next six months you are well on Your way to making money with your blog Take a moment to Pat yourself on the

Back all do the same and now we can Start talking about the real reason You're probably watching this and that's How do I make money now since you made It this far allow me 30 seconds to give You a brief overview of what's going to Start happening what the future is going To look like so your blog posts are Definitely not going to immediately rank You're not going to see one that you put Out today that starts to rank tomorrow It typically starts to take time and It's kind of a build up effect so Instead if you look at the history of my Blog you can see you start to slowly get Traffic you can think of this blue line As me starting to rank for stuff and Starting to show up in Google and people Click over to my site and it just starts To slowly go up the more you publish and You get this nice distant growth every Single month building off of the last Month now what you're going to do is 30 To 60 days from now as you start to get Traffic and things start to pick up You're going to use ahrefs to keep an Eye on this now if you don't want to Keep paying for ahrefs I totally Understand you can Google free ranking Checker and there'll be a bunch of Different ones out there that you can Play with that will do what ahrs is Doing in this particular section for Free but I'm going to keep my address

Account and hopefully your blog starts To make money so that you can start Paying for this account as well I'm Gonna go to Side Explorer and I'm going To type in the actual name of the Website okay that we just built and We're going to explore our own site now In this case I'm going to use my own Personal slide builder for newer because We just created this site 10 seconds ago Then we're going to go down here and We're going to type in organic keywords And what's going to happen is you're Going to start to see stuff show up it's Going to give you all this stuff and Tell you where you're ranking you can See this is the keyword it's going to Tell you how much it searched 12 000 is A lot and it's awesome to rank for Something that's searched 12 000 times And then the position right here where You are ranking and then it'll give you A change as you start going forward It'll tell you how far up or down you're Going and what you're going to find is a Lot of your articles don't don't show up At all they don't rank nothing goes goes Well with them but one out of ten one Out of 20 you're gonna start seeing some Of these articles actually start to show Up in these top few positions so any Article that is showing up in the top 15 Positions is something that we're going To start revising and we're going to

Start monetizing and start working with To make money on them so you'll go crazy If you're trying to mess with all your Articles all you want to do is mess with The stuff that actually is already Ranking and getting some traffic those Are the ones we're going to focus on Monetizing now there's three different Ways that you can monetize that we're Going to teach you right here kind of Ranging from easier to harder and we'll Start with the easiest one it's called Affiliate marketing now what affiliate Marketing is is essentially we're going To refer them to stuff they can buy we Have an idea here somebody got to this Page probably by typing ways to get paid To watch Netflix right which essentially Tells us this is a person that's looking For easy ways to make a little bit of Money on the side a good side hustle Right so what we're going to try to do Is we're going to try to find products That make sense for this person to refer Them to now the way affiliate marketing Works is we're gonna go find a product And we're going to sign up for that Affiliate program almost every product Doubt there has an affiliate program for Example on Amazon you can go to the Bottom of their website click Affiliates And you can create an affiliate account And become an affiliate for any product That sells on Amazon once you become an

Affiliate they're going to give you a Special link to the product that you're Promoting that looks something like this One on the screen now that link is very Unique to Only You So if someone clicks That link and they purchase the product It gets tracked and the company will Actually pay you now I have tutorials All over my channel for affiliate Marketing that you can go watch but That's the essence of what we're doing Here now to make things simple we're Going to use a site called To find products that we want to promote And the reason we're going to do that is ClickBank has hundreds if not thousands Of products across every single category That you can promote and sell to the People that are going to your website Pages now I will leave a link down below To sign up for ClickBank and once you Sign up for ClickBank we're going to go To the marketplace and think of this as Just a million different products that You can promote based on your audience We can see right here in my particular Blog post right people looking for ways To make money doing easy little tasks is Kind of how we're going to assume they Are so what we're going to do is we're Going to pick a category or we're going To type right here make money okay I can Also head to the left right here and Just click into a specific category and

Run with that now you can see right here Just a few down this seems like the most Correlated to what these people are Actually looking for and interested in You can see there's a product get paid To use Facebook Twitter and YouTube and It's going to tell you on average you'll Make 22 off of everyone that purchases This particular product through your Link so I'm gonna run with this this is What I'm going to promote to them not Necessarily what I would promote to Everybody or tell everybody they should Sign up for but because of what these People are looking for this is the most Correlated affiliate product that I can Find for them so I'm going to click Right here I'm going to click promote And like I said it's going to give you That special link that link right there Is my link anybody that goes they click That link they purchase that product I Make a potential commission off of them All right and now all we're going to do Is we're going to go and add this to the Top of our blog post okay we know we're Only doing this with posts that are Already getting traffic right they're Already showing up in Google people are Searching in Google and they're clicking And they're landing on our website we Already know that's happening so we know This isn't a waste of time so we're Going to make something looks like this

At the top of our website you can see Right here it's essentially two buttons That will take them to these Opportunities or these products that We're going to be promoting and they're At the very top so when someone gets Here they have to scroll right past These buttons a certain number of these People sees the buttons and they pause They click and then they purchase and Those that aren't interested scroll Right by and it's no harm or foul to Them so let's hop back into our blog Post and I'll show you exactly how to Edit it to add those to our our blog Posts that are ranking first we're going To go back to our dashboard once again We're going to go look at all of our Posts and you can see we only have one Right now let's assume that getting paid To watch Netflix is working out well so We're going to click on edit and we're Gonna be right back inside this editor And we're going to want to add something Right between that main image and the Intro now you have a choice here you can Promote one two three four products I Find promoting less products tends to do Better so we're going to start with just Two I'm going to click plus and what You're going to do is you're going to Type in column okay and essentially We're going to add a call Alum right Here because we want to have two

Products like we just talked about and I'm going to go with something like this One right here okay now it might give You some variations I'm just going to Click skip right here okay and it's Going to give me two columns now I can Click into this box you can see that box Is now broken up into two separate Columns so click in the top right of the Box make sure it shows columns up here And then it's going to ask you for a Number and I always say that I want four Columns when I'm doing this so you can See it's now broken into four columns We're going to put the buttons in this Column and in this column right here now All we're going to do is add text into Those columns I'm going to click into This column I'm going to click plus and I'm going to do a paragraph that says Simple way to earn money posting on Facebook and Twitter okay I'm going to Click period right there and then we're Going to add a button now the way we add A button is once again we go to plus up Here and we're going to type in the word Button if we can't find it and we're Going to drag a button right under there And what do you know we've got a little Button you can edit this as much as You'd like for this tutorial we're just Going to run with what it's giving us so I'm going to click into that button Right here we're going to add text and

We can say something that's a call to Action so we're going to say like try Now or go here or something like that Okay so we're going to click on that We're going to type in try now and then You're going to click here and now Here's where we take that link so ClickBank you remember gave us a link or Whatever affiliate program we chose to Promote so we're going to paste that Link right there we're going to click Enter and it's now got the link and it's Working now one other thing to make this Just look a little prettier here as long As we're here let's just do this let's Put in the word you're going to click Into this left column and then the same Thing on the right column you're going To change the width to 15 just makes it Look easier so I clicked on the left I Changed it over here now I clicked in The right and I once again I took that 25 changed it to 15 that just kind of Makes it take a little bit more room it Looks a little cleaner and it looks a Little better then we'll do the exact Same thing if we want to promote another Program we'll do it right here again you Can promote one here you can promote Four here I found that two seems to be The sweet spot for me if I didn't do two I'd probably do one all right and now You can see we've created it and when we Go to click on our preview right here

Now anytime someone Googles and searches Get paid to watch Netflix and they end Up going to our page they on this page They start to read and before they get To the reading they see two options Right here they click try now or they Click yes please they like the product And they purchase we get paid and that's Monetization method number one now for Monetization method number two I'm going To show you an example on my website so You understand the big picture and then I'll show you again step by step how to Do this exact same thing on your site You can see right here that if someone Was Googling and they were looking for Side hustle ideas they would find my Site and they would click if they wait About three seconds you're going to see A pop-up occur right here there's the Pop-up and you can see what I'm offering Is I'm offering a guide 97 best ways to Make money online it's a list right and Then I've got an email address and I've Got a name that I asked now as soon as Someone puts in their email address Right here I send them a free guide all It really is is a list okay I have a Bunch of different ways to make money Online and then I have a list of email Addresses of people that we know are Interested in making money online so now I can do ClickBank offers I can do other Offers on the internet I can be an

Affiliate for a 100 200 500 different Products and all I have to do is is Whenever I need money I can send out an Email to my large list of people of Email addresses that I've gathered and I Can promote a product and you can make Money so an email list is by far the Best way we're showing it as number two Because it's a little more complicated To set up but it's by far the best way You should absolutely from the moment You start getting traffic start Capturing these email addresses because Now no matter what happens you have a List of people that you can send emails To and you can make money with those Emails now for this to work we're going To need two things number one is we're Going to need something on our website That can capture those email addresses Right something that we can put up there To capture the emails then number two We're gonna need what's called an email Autoresponder we're going to need Somewhere where we can take these emails And we can place them and then use that Software to send emails whenever we need Money and want to send out emails to Affiliate links or our own products so Let's start with number one we're gonna Go back to the main dashboard of our Site okay right here this main dashboard Of our site and we're gonna go to Plugins all plugins are are there little

Teeny bits of code that other people Have created that can help enhance your Site so when we go to plugins and we go To add new right here it's going to take Us to a ton of different plugins I'm Typing the word brave right here this is Totally free by the way everything I'm Showing you here totally free this is Called Brave it's we're going to use it To create pop-ups so I'm going to click Install now and then I'm going to click Activate now the next thing we need is Somewhere for these email addresses to Go and for us to send the emails with And so we're going to use the software Called convertkit so I'll leave a link Down below to convertkit and you can Sign up it's totally free no worries the Only thing that you might get stuck on Is it's going to ask for your Convertkick domain you can choose Anything you want right here I just Chose the business name AI blogger and Then it gave me a domain once you're Inside of convertkit I didn't even have To put in a credit card to get to where We're at right now obviously eventually You will have to put in a credit card But this is free up to a thousand Subscribers which is plenty to start Making money so what you're going to do Is we're going to go back to our plugins Right here and you should see the brave Plugin in there so we're going to click

On campaigns right there it's going to Open up the brave plugin it's going to Show up on your left now and we're going To go to Integrations essentially we Need to connect the two right Brave is On our website it's going to collect the Email addresses from the people that go To our blog posts now we need somewhere To put them so we need to connect these Two so brave can take those email Addresses put them inside of convertkit Right here and then we can email them Inside of convertkit not very Complicated I promise if it sounds Complicated right now it won't after we Finish out what we're talking about so We're going to go back to these Integrations and you can see it's going To make it really easy we're going to Scroll down until we get to convertkit And all it needs is what's called an API Key so we're going to go back to Convertkit right here and convertkit Will give us the API key and that's all We need so head over here to the top Right we'll click on settings and you Can see there's tons of different stuff And what we're looking for is Advanced Because we are Advanced email marketers Now and you can see right down here we Have an API key so we're going to copy That API key and then we're going to Plug it right into here and click Connect and voila integration successful

They now are connected they can talk to Each other everybody that goes and puts Their email letters in will now end up Inside of our convertkit account so what We need to do now is create that really Simple pop-up now if you remember on my Blog we offered them something for free Don't worry I'm going to show you how You can get that created for you for Extremely cheap or create it yourself in A about 10 minutes if you'd like to do Go that route not very hard to create a Very simple thing that we can give People in exchange for their email Addresses so first we want to create This page right here this little pop-up That pops up so back in our brave Browser right here we're going to go to All campaigns okay and we're going to Create a new campaign by clicking plus Up here we're going to create a new Pop-up or a new widget and we're just Going to call it main because this is Probably going to be the only one on Your blog for a long time now you can See here it's got tons of different Templates that you can use depending on What you like I like a good simple one Like this one right here and I'm just Going to click that and click create Pop-up so for me typically when I'm just Starting I try to just use an ebook it's A good value driven offer that we can Give people for free and it's easy to

Make like I'm going to show you so we're Going to stick with something like this We're just going to change the text Right here and I would do an e-book if I Were doing this I would do an ebook on Creating on how to make your first 100 Online which by the way this is a great Way following this tutorial but that Might be what I kind of make my ebook Ads you could also swap that out for a Picture or whatever it is that you want Want to run with and we could put our Website right here again I'm just Filling out the template now without Doing a full tutorial on Brave Essentially you can click into any of These and change them so text I can Double click and change the text I can Also change sizes and do whatever I want I wouldn't spend hours messing with this So the next step is integration which Means we need to explain what happens When someone puts in their email address In this box right here so we're going to Click into the box we're going to type Go to action right there and then we're Going to scroll down just a little bit And we're going to click add user to Newsletter now if you've already Integrated convertkit then that's great We can click right into here to see the Options for adding a user into a Newsletter and you can see right here we Just click on convertkit it will load up

Lists it's going to come with default Lists you're totally fine to click on Either one of them because we just want Them on a general list right now okay And then get email from this is where It's going to pull the email from so you Want it from this box that says your Email address right we're just telling It what box has the email address in it And then we're going to tell it what box Has the name in it we're saying oh it's The one that says your name right we've Got to explain all this stuff and then Finally we go up here to the settings at The top of the pop-up up and we're going To tell it where we want it to be placed Now for me I just want it to be on my Entire site right now okay and you're Probably going to want the same thing For the entire site you can always Exclude if you want to I wouldn't Exclude at this point and then just have The trigger be time spent typically and I usually say after three seconds give The page time to load and then load up This right here okay you'll click on all Devices right here it should already be Selected and then we're just going to Run with all the default settings and We're going to click save right here and Now we just need to activate what we Just created so we're going to go to the Top left that's going to take us back to This main Brave dashboard okay and you

Can see I have a test one that I did and I have the real one that I did it says Paused we're going to click resume we Now should be active and the easiest way To test it is to open an incognito Window and then type in your url And you can see it loaded up and within A second or two it also loaded up the Practical guide and I can go here type In Spencer Mecum all right actually just Ask for a first name right Spencer and Then I can type in my email address and We're good to go all right and now when I go to convertkit you can see right Here um I just go to the convertkit main Dashboard and it says look today you've Got a new subscriber and in the past Seven days you also have one new Subscriber you can always go right here To grow and then click subscribers and You'll be able to see your subscribers Now you'll see at the bottom it's got Confirmed subscribers you may not see Your subs and you may have to go to Unconfirmed subscribers to see Unconfirmed subscribers if that is being A problem for you all you've got to do Is go to the form so if you selected the Dark form go to that one if you selected The light form go to that one so I'll go Up here I'll go to grow landing pages And forms click whichever form you Selected for the email addresses to go To I did The Dark One you'll click into

Here you'll click edit you'll go to Settings and then you may have incentive Selected and you'll want to deselect Incentives and click save it won't Require them to send an email back to You essentially after you send an email To them so it's just going to Automatically put them on your list Which is how I typically do it so again An overview of where we're at someone Types in get paid to watch Netflix on Google they see your website they click On it they end up on a page that looks Just like this one before they're able To start reading they see this offering Them a free guide they go in here and Put in their name and their email Address and ask for that free guide or Ebook or whatever it is and their email Address automatically is now yours to Email as long as they don't click Unsubscribe from any of your emails and From here on out for the rest of forever Hopefully if you send good emails you Can now send emails with affiliate links Or even sell your own products to these Subscribers so the final step here is Wait I don't actually have an ebook I Don't have anything to give them how do I create that that's so hard don't worry We can show you that in a minute or two As well now you've got a couple options Here you can create your own ebook if You want to write your own ebook that's

Totally fine it's going to take a lot of Time honestly a lot of people are Probably not going to read it but you Can go ahead and write a 10 to 15 page Ebook if you're super passionate about Your subject or you want already have One here's honestly what I would go About doing I'm going to leave a link Down below to the person that I order my EBooks from they use a website called Fiverr and it costs anywhere from five To Fifteen dollars they will create and Write an ebook I'm sure they're using Chat GPT that's totally fine but you'd See right here I did the highest one They had for 15 bucks and I got this Nice looking ebook with a lot of pages Talking about wealth building which is What I asked them to write about it's All infographiced up it's a great Looking ebook and written by chat GPT so If I were you I would just go to Fiverr I would order from this person or if They're no longer available order from Another person on Fiverr and get your Ebook for five to Fifteen bucks done in A matter of seconds and now all we're Going to do is upload our ebook that we Were given or we created to our website And we'll be able to give it to people Or send people there for free so what I'm going to do is I'm going to go to Pages right here on the left back in our Main dashboard I'm going to click add

New I'm going to go up here I'm not Gonna do anything except for type in File and you can see right here it's got A file option I'm gonna upload that Ebook that either they gave me or I Created as a PDF file I'm going to add a Quick title that says free ebook and I'm Going to click publish right here and Now it's available on my website the Only way that they'll ever get there or Find this particular page is if we send Them there after they put in their email Address so I'll click publish right here And I'm going to copy the URL and you Can see right here when we send somebody To this page this is what it's going to Look like this free ebook Okay and look It's still offering him the free ebook And they can download it right there if They would so like so all we've got to Do now is go back to our initial form in Brave we're going to go to our plugins We're going to click Brave we're going To click campaigns we're going to go Into that campaign we just created okay And we've got this pop-up and we're Going to once again click into here and What we're going to do is we're going to Go to action and go to the bottom and it Says once they succeed where do you want Them to go and we're going to say thank You for your submission you can download The link from and it's got all this code Okay we're gonna go right after the

Ahref equals quotation marks I want to Copy and paste that link okay or not Copy and paste we're gonna copy and Remove that link and we're going to put In our link right there and we're going To click save and that is the entire Process right here somebody goes they Now go to our website from Google they See that free ebook they accept the free Ebook they get sent to that page after They put in their email address and you Now have one subscriber on your email List that you can sell stuff to for the Long run and I would spend some time Researching how to make money off an Email list I've got a whole playlist on My channel you can go watch that teaches You a lot of stuff but there's a lot That you can learn and a lot that you Can do to make money once you have Someone's email address you can do Affiliate marketing your own products Partners with other people's products Sponsorships all kinds of things once You have that email address and again You're still watching you've made it so Far you now have a monetized Blog Capturing email addresses you have a Free asset which is a lead magnet that You're giving people you've got a full Business right here that's worth at Least a double pad on the back let me Show you the very last way that we're Going to make money with this blog this

Is affiliate marketing again but it's Going to be a little bit easier and what It is is it's product reviews so let's Say someone's looking to get into to Something like affiliate marketing right Or they're just looking to buy a washer Or a dryer or one of the other million Things that people buy and typically we Go to Google and we type in something Like what are the best dishwashers what Are the best affiliate marketing courses For someone new to affiliate marketing Okay so for example someone types in What are the best affiliate marketing Courses and they come to my blog there's Five best affiliate marketing courses And you can see right here there's this Article that's very similar to what we Just created but what you can do is you Can once again sign up as an affiliate For these products so we can do Amazon Products or whatever products it is that We want to promote and we can write an Article just like this using our AI Rider we can write an article that has The five best of virtually anything and Then we can add links or affiliate links To those and what we can do is when Somebody goes to this article we can Include our affiliate links so for Example I might say the number one Course is hey it's my own course that I Sell but that's the affiliate Secrets Course by Spencer Mecum and then I could

Add a button just like we did earlier in This tutorial and I can use my feeling Just like I did before and say you can Get started with that right here and Have your button once again be an Affiliate link now the way we do this Typically for me is I just go find a Competitor so I go find somebody that's A huge blog that they've reviewed like Thousands of products every year and Then I have a big list of products that I can start reviewing so for example if My Niche was credit cards let's say I Would go up to my age rest right here I Would type in keyword Explorer and I Would type in the top credit cards or The best credit cards or something like That right then I'm going to scroll all The way down to the information it gives Me and I'm going to take this site that Says okay the top site is nerd wallet so I'm going to look at nerdwall and see if It is indeed a competitor and guess what Nerdwat is absolutely all about credit Cards banking loans Money all that fun Stuff so I say yes nerdwall is a Competitor I'm going to right click into Here and I'm going to go into organic Keywords and then I'm going to remove The actual page we just want all of nerd Wallet we want to see everything that They're ranking for next I'm going to go To keyword right here and I'm going to Type in best so we want all the things

That nerd wallet is ranking for that Include the word best then we're going To do one more thing we're going to do Keyword difficulty again we want to rank For things that are easy right so we're Going to go up to 20. and we're going to Click apply we're going to click show Result and guess what we have here we've Got a list of awesome review articles That we can start writing and include Our affiliate links directly in those Articles make money directly off of Those articles and the list is 45 000 keywords wrong long okay so you can See right here best business travel Cards best time to buy furniture best Way to sell a car best ethereum wallet Obviously 100 of them won't apply but Best banks we can use affiliate link There best airline that's an affiliate Link best motorcycle loans that's an Affiliate link so all of these depending On the niche we're in are people looking To buy stuff and then all we have to do Is have an article be written by our AI Rider and then we can go add affiliate Links after we sign up for each of those Programs just like before we wait to see If we rank once we are ranking we are Getting traffic then we worry about Monetizing adding the affiliate links All that stuff in the beginning we're Just pumping out content to see what Sticks and what actually does well and

There you have it if you've made it till The end hopefully you've received some Value hopefully you can give a small Like a comment something like that at This point if you're feeling lost just Take it in pieces go back and watch one Piece at a time because first we're Going to create our blog second we're Going to create content for our blog and Third we're going to start monetizing That content once people start coming to Our blog from Google and each of those Is an individual piece of this video and Finally if you're someone that's looking To make money go ahead and click Subscribe because this is the channel For you this is a no fluff High detail Channel on how you can build a business Become wealthy and eventually create Total Financial Freedom thank you so Much for watching

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