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In this Edureka video on Prompt Engineering you will learn about the most talked about job in the IT industry right now. I aim to show you what prompt engineering is and how it can be done with the help of ChatGPT 3.5 or ChatGPT 4. What do you think about this new technology? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of this video. We want to hear your thoughts.

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Imagine you want to ask an AI system to Write a poem you could just type in a Prompt like write me a poem about Happiness but what if you want to be More specific what if you want the poem To about a certain kind of happiness or To have a certain tone that's where the Term prompt engineering comes in we are Evolving every passing day and now we Have been introduced to one of the Coolest technologies that chops off your Workload and saves your money too what's Up everyone I'm Arya from edureka and I Will be telling you about the most Trending job in the IT industry right Now but before hopping to the topic make Sure you subscribe to our edureka's YouTube channel and if you are Interested in taking up charge GPT Certification course check out the link Given below now let's get started have You heard about the buzz yet you will be Surprised to know that prompt Engineers Can earn up to 3 lakh seventy five Thousand dollars per year that's right You can make a figure salary by helping To train AI chat Bots and you don't even Need a technical degree to do it before Diving into the details first we need to Know what prompt engineering is and what Do prompt Engineers do in easy words Prompt engineering is a technology where You assist AI to do work for you Basically with the help of llms large

Language models like chat CPT or Googlebot I always find reading books a Tiring task but models like chargpt will Help you summarize in matter of seconds With the right use of prompts that's how Prompt engineering works the more Precise you are with your prompts the Better answer you will get you must be Thinking about the thing I mentioned at The start of the video what do prompt Engineers do and why do they get paid so Well it is clearly because they know how To find the right words basically they Help coders and developers automate Repetitive coding tasks eventually which Helps in efficiency and companies by Saving billion dollars now that you know If they are capable of getting the best Out of AI they can make the best use of It by saving a lot of time and capital As far as I know there are few mandatory Things that one should focus on while Trying on the best prompts be clear and Specific the more clear and specific you Are in your prompt the better the AI Will be able to understand and what you Want provide context the AI needs to Understand the context of your prompt in Order to give a good response this means Providing information about the topic The audience and the News examples examples can be very Helpful in guiding the ai's response if You can provide examples of the kind of

Output you are looking for the AI will Be more likely to produce something Similar after trying on these things you Can see the difference in the outcomes As compared to the previous responses Now that we have discussed the key Points let's move on to the prompts that You can make while using charge GPT or Wait before that let me tell you about The idea of the tree of thoughts it is a Technique for improving the performance Of large language models on Creative Text generation tasks the basic idea is To use a tree structure to represent the Different possible paths that the large Language models can take to generate the Output text this allows the llm to Explore a wider range of possibilities And generate more creative and Interesting text To write a story on a young boy but now With the technique you can change the Scenarios like write a story on a young Boy who lives in UK or something like Write a story on a young boy who lives In UK and likes Tom Cruise so it will Connect all of these scenarios that's Really great right Again it depends on the quality of your Prompt how well you are going to be Answered why not we should also try how It really works and find out if it is Useful for us or not Let me take one example like write a

Script for a movie about a group of Friends who go on adventure but Eventually realizes that they are not Meant to be together let's see what Response we get Okay now it's generating we have to wait For the last Now as we can see here charge GPT has Told us about four friends Jonah Calvin Kieran and Mike who are sitting at a Table laughing and sharing stories And how the plot changes on the national Park day sounds interesting let's try it With the different scenarios like what If they are all from different Backgrounds or they are planning to go On adventure together and so on we need To find out now I'm really excited for This how chargivity is going to respond For the same basically I have tried to Add few scenarios that makes the scene More interesting and specific which is What prompt engineering is all about The response is a little different now The title has been changed to Uncharted Realms and an alternate plot has been Formed by four different people when a Decoder Lucia an ambitious lawyer Harvey A laid-back musician and Aisha a curious Anthropologist as we go down we can see There are highlight interior and Exterior along with the theme and places Like the airport So I am totally impressed by the output

Well done charging Let's try few other examples how prompt Engineering is going to help developers I already took an example like this Where I have asked chat CPT to act as an Web designer consultant And here we can see how detailed Responses have been generated from Platform selection to UI ux design Principles to Features SEO and marketing Tool analytics coding languages Wow that's really awesome And that too with an explanation of Where and all what features are needed How to launch the perfect site by adding Customer what principle one should Follow how to analyze the business data And also if you need to hire a developer That's some crazy stuff don't you think So now that we have talked about Developers let's talk about business Analytics or you can say data analytics And how we are often stuck handing Excel Sheets not to worry with the help of Prompt engineering and chat GPT you have Got it covered we can ask something like Act as an Excel sheet and drop your Prompt in a precise manner like how I Have done here first I asked chat CPT to Print an empty Excel sheet To fill it with the numerical values as You can see the table is filled with Numbers now and furthermore I added a Prompt to find the average of data from

A1 to A4 And no surprise chargpt came up with the Solution now I feel when I can be a Prompt engineer I'm just kidding guys It's not that easy but it's also not so Tough that we cannot learn prompt Engineering is still a relatively new Field but it has the potential to Revolutionize the way we interact as Prompt engineering continues to develop It is likely that we will see even more Amazing applications of this technology Who knows maybe one day we will be able To use prompt engineering to create AI Assistance that are as smart as humans I will keep updating with the new Technologies like these and I hope you Had a nice time watching this video so Don't forget to like this video and Comment what else you want to know about This topic until then Happy learning I Hope you have enjoyed listening to this Video please be kind enough to like it And you can comment any of your doubts And queries and we will reply them at The earliest do look out for more videos In our playlist And subscribe to edureka Channel to learn more happy learning

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