How To Make YouTube Thumbnails for Free with a Photoshop Alternative [FREE Template]

Hey and welcome back to vid Society so I’m going to make another video today Because there’s so many of you out there Who are making videos and you’re trying To find out how to make the thumbnails And so what I’m going to do is show you A free tool you can use to create Thumbnails just like mine this tool I’m Going to show you is like an online Photoshop in fact I’m going to give you My thumbnail template that’s under this Video you can download it you can upload It to this online tool and edit it However you want to to make your own Thumbnails for your videos so let’s jump Over to it and this tool is called photo P so it’s I’ll put the link For it below this video you guys can Come here and there are ads on the site I don’t know if you can subscribe to it I really hadn’t even checked to get rid Of the ads but honestly Um they’re not that much of a bother Being clear over there so the only thing You have to do is below this video I’m Going to put a link to my template and If you want to use that you download it And then you’re going to click on open From computer and you’re going to select That file and upload it to photop and This is what it should look like this is The last thumbnail that I made for my Videos on my channel and this one I’m Going to update it to make a new

Thumbnail for this video that you’re Watching right now but first I want to Show you how to edit this and how you Can use it to create your own thumbnails So first of all there’s several layers Or objects within this picture each one Of them can be edited individually so For example you have this little cartoon Picture of me you have this text you Have the text with the Box behind it Then you have the free keyword list text Then you have the background image and All of these can be changed individually The first thing you want to do is come Up here and click on transform controls Because if you don’t do that you’re not Going to see what you’re editing in Other words if I click on this picture Of me right here you can’t tell that I Just clicked on it there’s nothing to Show that but if you click on transform Control tools and then click on it you Can now see a box is around the image That I selected and I can even drag These corners and I can resize it and do What I want with it if I don’t want it Here I’m just going to hit delete and Get rid of it now for you guys obviously This is going to be your video so you do Not want this picture of me there you Probably don’t want that anyways so just Hit delete and get rid of it now the Other thing is you can see a background Image right here this is a background

Image that I took of uh YouTube I Blurred it and then I added it we don’t Need that for this one so I’m going to Click delete And that leaves us with the text that we Can edit but first before we do that I’m Going to go ahead and add another Background image here and another Picture of a person so there is a place You can go to get some free images and There’s actually quite a few places Online you can go but one of them that I Like is called free pick and I’ll put The link for this below the video they Do have a paid version I I do have that But I’m not signed into my paid version Because I want to show you guys what you Get with this with just the free version Alone which should be enough for you so Let’s say I want a picture of somebody Who’s really happy so we can do Something like happy man And hit enter and you can see there’s All different kinds of images that we Have here we can use you’d want to use One preferably that has a solid Background collar that is the opposite Of what the collar is of the person so This image here would actually be really Good because everything is dark here and Then you have a light background which Means the background is going to be easy To remove from this picture so this Picture here you can see it says

Download Go premium so if I click on This it’s not going to let me download This one so this is not one of the free Images so let’s go back And we’ll go back again And let’s come to something up here at The top so for example this one here the First one here if we click on it okay This one will let us download it uh you Can also see you can edit this online if You want to I’m not going to do that I’m Going to download it show you how to Edit it using photo P so we’re going to Click on download I want to save it on My computer and then we’re going to go Back to photo p and upload it okay now That we’re over here and we downloaded The image we’re going to click on file We’re going to click on open and then We’re going to open that picture we just Downloaded and you can see now it Imported this picture now there’s a Couple of things I want to do here Before I use it so first of all I want To come over here on the left hand side And you can see this one here that I’m Hovering over this is a crop tool so I Want to click it and then it’s going to Let me drag these sides so I can crop This image to make it smaller because I Don’t want it near this wide there’s no Purpose of having it that wide and then I’m also going to shrink the top of it a Little bit too and we’ll click this

Check mark so it looks like this now as Of right now this has a white background And we want to get rid of that and I’m Really surprised this free tool offers This feature but if you come over here On the left hand side there is an eraser Tool so if you click on this it’s going To give you three different options and What you want to choose is the Magic Eraser Now when you do that you’re going to Come over here and you’re going to click Anywhere in the background And you can see it instantly takes the White clear away from it now what I’m Going to do is come up here and click This Arrow because we want to select the Image And then I’m going to hold down and drag This image over to my other tab which is Up here I’m going to bring it down and you can See the blue outline box so what this Means is that this picture is a lot Bigger than my thumbnail picture so what I’m going to do is drag it over to about Here and drop it And then I’m going to shrink it so we’re Going to grab this corner and bring it Down I want to drag it back up again and We’re going to make it smaller And we’re going to do it again Okay so now this is our image but the

Problem is we can’t see the image and That’s because it’s clear behind Everything else so what you want to do Is over here on the right hand side you Can see here these are all of your Layers or all of your objects that you Have on your image and right now you can See that this guy the image we just Added is clear at the bottom that means He’s behind everything so we can’t see Him so what we want to do is click on Them and drag him and bring him up above The background image and drop it and now You can see he’s above the background But yet he’s still behind all the text So this is okay what I’m going to do is Make the image a little bit smaller And we’re going to drag him over this Way actually what we can do if if you Don’t want to flip the image I’ll show You how to flip it in a minute because He’s pointing the wrong direction but You could always leave him over here on This side and then move all the text Over on the right side but I’m going to Go ahead and move him over here And then we’re going to come up to edit Transform and flip horizontally and you Can see now that flipped them over so Now he’s pointing in the right direction Now from here we can edit the text this Is going to be whatever the product is That or topic that you’re using your Video for you can resize this you can do

So much stuff with this text you can Double click on the text it’s going to Let you edit it so you can change it to Whatever you want to then you can come Up here and hit this check mark when You’re done you can also come over here To this little text box and it’s going To open up some options here for Different fonts you can use different Sizes different ways you can just set up Your fonts however you want to and if You want then you can drag some of this Other stuff around just by clicking it And holding it and we’ll go ahead and Leave that there and then we’ll grab This text down here well just check mark And then click the text and drag it up And then we’ll click on this one and Drag it up Just like that now you can see I don’t Know if you can see or not but in this Background here Um it’s not all white there’s some Collar right here which didn’t all Remove so I’m going to click on this Image again and go back to the Magic Eraser And then click on the spot and that made It disappear okay so this is almost done What I would like to do though is add a Background image to it so let’s do that Now what I’m going to do is jump back Over to free pick and we’re going to do A search this time just over background

We’ll just do something kind of generic Here We’ll do we’ll just click on background And so these there’s so many different Options here Um obviously if you have the paid plan You’re going to have a lot more to Choose from but this blue one I’m just Going to use that so I’m going to click On this and it is free so I’m going to Click on download and you can see here Attribution is required basically what This means is they want you to copy Um they want you to copy this text here And paste it under your video in your Description box because you are using This for free so um but since I have a Plan for this I’m not going to do that But I’m going to go ahead and download This and then we’re going to come back Over here and I’m going to open it okay Now that we have this image I can click On it and drag it Over to the other tab for my thumbnail And then we’re going to bring it down Here and drop it And then once again it put it clear at The bottom so we want to move it up one Spot so it’s right above the background And there it is So that actually looks really good now What I can do is I can click on this Background and if you guys notice how I Blur a lot of the backgrounds on my

Thumbnails this tool provides that Option too so if you come up here and You click on filter you can go down to Blur and go to box blur And then you can choose how much you Want to filter it so it kind of gives You a preview of what it looks like and You can drag this and usually I leave it Around four or five or six or something Like that so if you want to blur it you Can now this background I kind of like It the way it is without being blurred But if you’re using a picture of a Background that has text on it or Something like that it’s best if you Blur it because it just becomes too much In your thumbnail this here looks pretty Decent though so I’m just going to leave It the way it is now something else I’m Going to show you you can do with this Because a lot of people ask me how do You get the outline around the people or The outline around your face and so all You have to do is click on the object You want an outline on And then over here under your layers You’re going to see where it’s selected You want to right click on it and it’s Going to open an option for blending so You want to select that And then you have an option here for Stroke so you want to tick that box And then you want to tick where it says Stroke

And that’s going to bring open this page Here where you can choose the size of The outline so you can see here how it’s Making that outline bigger if you want To use black which really doesn’t look Too bad at all or we can change the Color by clicking in this box and we can Choose White And it looks like that now you can see At the top of my image it’s Where I didn’t delete all the background From from this it’s outlining it so what I can do is once again come over here to My magic eraser click on Magic Eraser And just tick this and it’ll get rid of It there’s still some down here So let me drag it up some And get rid of that Then we can move him back here So that actually looks really really Good so I could just keep it this way And then when I’m done just come up to File do export as and you’re going to Save it as a ping file or a JPEG image Right here save it to your computer and Then you have a really nice looking Thumbnail you can use for your YouTube Thumbnails now what you can do is make Sure you keep that thumbnail on your Desktop so the next video you want to Make all you have to do is come back to This tool come up to file open and open That image back up and it is going to Let you edit it again or what might even

Be better is to make an extra copy of This thumbnail and keep it on your Desktop that way if you do make changes To your other one and you mess it up and You want to go back you always have that Other copy you can use and come back to Overall this is the best alternative That I have found to photoshop it’s Online and it’s free and it also has all The features that I use from my own Photoshop to wear now if you enjoy these Types of videos be sure to subscribe to My YouTube channel and I’ll be sure to Notify you when I upload new ones that’s It for this video guys have a great day

Pro Marketing: Affiliate Marketing Tips, Tricks, And Techniques

Right now is when you need to start marking a turning point in your affiliate marketing success rates. Here are quite a few different tips and tricks that you want to take action on, when it comes to your own affiliate marketing plan. This article will attempt to guide you through some of affiliate marketing’s best practices.

One affiliate marketing program to take advantage of is a pay-per-click search engine. A PPC engine is one that prioritizes search results according to advertiser payments. When you bid on a keyword with a PPC engine, your site will appear higher on searches for that keyword. Because you only pay the PPC engine for successful searches that direct visitors your way, bidding for PPC keywords can be a very cost-effective strategy.

When selecting an affiliate marketing program, look for generous commission programs. You should be receiving at least twenty to fifty percent of the profit on each item that you sell. Your value to the company and the product that you are promoting should outweigh the desire for the company to scrape a few more pennies out of your commission.

To increase the success of your affiliate marketing, choose items that sell for high prices over low priced products. While this seems counterproductive at first, the effort it takes to market each of these items is the same, so it makes more sense to promote a product that will earn you more.

If an affiliate program isn’t working for you, try something else. There are so many different affiliate marketing programs out there that finding the one that fits with your audience and your style takes some time. Research ad testing into your page to track what is working and what isn’t it. Check your favorite products to see if they offer affiliate marketing programs as well, you aren’t limited to just the big affiliate sites.

Look for affiliate programs that offer high commission rates. Some programs offer 100% or higher commission on the products they sell through you. Don’t dismiss items like this as scams. These programs end up making more money through the follow up sales so it’s worth it to them to pay out high commissions in order to gain a new customer for the long term.

If you are giving a particular affiliate a large amount of business, take some time and see if you can increase your commissions with them. A lot of companies will be willing to discuss an increase, if they see that they are getting a lot of traffic from you.

To make money through your affiliate marketing efforts, you should check out the homepage of the product, and make sure that it is well written and sales driven. Does it make you want to buy the product? If you are sending the page hits, you need to make sure that they are clicking through and making a purchase.

You should offer a few well-known businesses free ad space on your site in order to attract more advertising revenue. If a person with a smaller company sees a bigger business using your site to advertise it will convince them to purchase ad space. They do not have to know that the company was offered this space for free.

Not only should you use the actual products that you are promoting, but you should review them, as well. You can place your reviews in newsletters and on your website, but demonstrating that you are an expert on these products will establish trust with your customers and demonstrate your expertise.

For the most part, affiliate programs won’t get you rich, but they can earn you a nice supplemental income if you do a little work creating a good network of affiliates. Be choosy and use only the best content and choose affiliate programs that will reflect your site contents and interest your readers.

Affiliate only with reputable companies that are sure to stick around long enough to pay you for the hard work that you’re doing to promote their products. Fly-by-night companies come and go, but affiliate programs like eBay or Amazon, have been around for almost the entire life of the public internet itself!

To wrap it up, the time that you devoted to learning more about affiliate marketing should prove to be a smart move for your business. There is so much information and advice available, hopefully, you will find that the information provided here will help you to build upon your current practices.

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