How To Make Passive Income With ChatGPT AI

💵 BEST way to make money online for beginners: How to make passive income with ChatGPT AI. How to make money online with OpenAI Chat GPT in 2023 explained. Discover how to make money with chatGPT AI.

How to use ChatGPT to earn money online with AI online business explained. Tutorial to making money with Chat GPT. How to use Chat GPT. Chat gbt chatgtp gpt3 examples.

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If you want to learn how to make passive Income with chat GPT then this video Will show you how now in just a minute You’ll discover exactly how you can use Chat GPT to create a stream of passive Income by the end of this video but Before that let me ask you a question Have you ever heard of this website Called udemy now udemy is a website Where you can go to buy courses and you Can learn almost anything you want maybe You have even bought courses on udemy Before so comment down below whether you Heard of udemy before and if you have Bought any courses then let us know what Kind of courses you bought on udemy now Have you ever wondered how much money Are the people making from selling Courses on udemy now let’s play a quick Game so here you can see these are some Udemy courses these are canva courses How much do you think these courses make So take a guess and let’s find out this Is data directly from udemy we can see That the top monthly revenue for a canva Course is 4 000 and 85 dollars let’s keep moving on How about PowerPoint have you ever used PowerPoint before Microsoft PowerPoint I’m sure you probably have right so you See a lot of people know how to use PowerPoint and you might be even Thinking wow who needs to buy a course On how to use PowerPoint it’s so easy

It’s almost Common Sense however you can See they have thousands of reviews 16 000 reviews 9 000 reviews 5 000 reviews So even for anything that you may think Is common sense any idea that you may Have that you may think it’s so simple Who’s gonna buy a car so well guess what We could be wrong people will buy a Course even though you think it’s simple So how much do you think these people Make from selling PowerPoint courses Well take a guess and the top monthly Revenue is 4 838 dollars per month that’s almost five Thousand dollars per month how about Copywriting copywriting courses how much Do you think these courses could make Again take a guess and let’s keep moving On the top course for copywriting is Earning 7474 per month isn’t it awesome think About it what would an extra seven Thousand dollars do for you now let’s Move on how about this this is stock Trading Stock Investing how much money Do you think these courses are making so Again make a guess and let’s find out we Can see that the top monthly revenue is 11 991 dollars per month that’s pretty Amazing isn’t it all right how about This one Microsoft Excel so this one I Think is going to blow your mind you Probably won’t be able to guess the Number so take a guess how much do you

Think the top courses would be again Microsoft Excel is something that many Many many people know how to use how Much do you think a course on Microsoft Excel on udemy is making per month now Before I reveal it to you I’m warning You your draw might actually drop so Close your mouth hold on to your jaw and Don’t hurt yourself the top monthly Revenue for Excel courses is 50 000 per Month per month so even for something Like Excel which I’m sure many of you Who watch this you already know how to Use Excel and some of you are probably Very good at using Excel however the top Course is making fifty thousand dollars In Revenue per month that’s pretty Insane isn’t it however you might be Thinking but I don’t know what online Course should I create well let me show You how you can get an idea for your Online course and it’s actually quite Easy you can just use udemy to help you Find your first online course idea now Look when you go to udemy when you go to That category they have all these Different categories right they have Development business finance blah blah Blah blah all you have to do is first You pick a category that is most Interesting to you let’s just say Personal development is most interesting To you then you just move your mouse to Personal development and then udemy will

Show you the sub categories under Personal development does it make sense Then you’re gonna pick a sub category Over here okay C vision is most Interesting to you so you’ve got all These things right personal Transformation personal productivity Leadership blah blah blah so let’s just Say for example personal productivity is The most interesting to you then you Move your mouse over there which I’ll Show you how it works in just a second And then you can see the topics so here Is how you get ideas for your online Course you don’t have to come up with Ideas on your own you just go to udemy And you can find out exactly what other Popular topics now once you pick your Subcategory these topics will come out And all you have to do is you pick a Topic that is most interesting to you And that can be your course idea all Right so let me show you how it works on The udemy website so when you go to you go to categories this is Where you can do your research this is Where you can get ideas for your first Online course so like I said you just See which category is most interesting To you okay so let’s say I look through All these and let’s say I’m interested In marketing so I move my mouse to Marketing I pick my category and then Udemy would suggest all these

Subcategories to me now of course if you Pick another category then all the Subcategories will change right your Business it would be all these Subcategories you go office productivity You’ve got Microsoft and all this okay So it’s gonna change depending on which Category you pick now let’s say I pick Marketing so you’re gonna look through These subcategories one by one and just See which one is most interesting to you So in this example let’s say I choose Video and mobile marketing so I go over To this subcategory and then bam all These topics will appear and I just see Which topic is most interesting to me And for example I could go with YouTube Audience growth so this could be an Online course idea for me now if you Can’t find any topic that’s interesting To you then just go to the next Subcategory and then you find a topic Like this okay as you just go through All these different subcategories you Keep getting ideas for your online Course does that make sense all right so I’ll show you exactly how you can get an Idea for your online course let’s keep Moving on so for example let’s say we go With procrastination so right now you Might be thinking how do I know if I Pick the right online course topic how Do I know if my online course idea is a Good idea or not how do I know if I

Picked a topic that will make me money So this is the tool that you can use to Find out exactly whether it’s a good Course topic or not now the URL is over Here but don’t go there yet go check it Out at the end of this video alright so This is a tool directly given by udemy For you to research a course topic so For example we did procrastination right We chose procrastination before you go And create a course you have to validate That there is demand you got to make Sure that there is money okay don’t make The mistake of creating an online course And then you spend many days or even Weeks you create an online course and Then later on you realize that nobody is Interested not many people are buying That kind of course then you waste your Time and your effort which is pretty Stupid right so you want to make sure You pick the right course topic so with This tool we can put in procrastination Or whatever topic you chose then you go And check how much do those courses make So take a guess how much do you think a Procrastination procrastinating course Would make well at first glance when you If you don’t do the proper research you May see that oh 3000 reviews 1000 Reviews 500 reviews you may think that Oh this is probably a good course it’s Probably good money to be made so many Beginners who don’t know how to do

Proper research they may just make the Mistake they might think that oh it’s Good they’ll just go make a course and Then later on they realize that oops They don’t really make any money well if You use this tool which I’ve showed you Then you’ll know that procrastination The top monthly Revenue per month is Only 412 dollars which stings right Because we do the research we know that There’s not a lot of money so we don’t Make the mistake of making the this Course so right now by doing this Research we know that there’s no money In this topic so we won’t waste our time And effort to make a course right now We’ll just pick another topic so you Just go through the exact process I’ve Showed you just pick another topic that Is most interesting to you so let’s just Say in this example time management is Kind of interesting so what do we do Next we don’t go and create a course we Come back to this pool and then we can Check I put time management and I see That okay the top monthly revenue is 2466 dollars per month which is decent So at this point I’ve already shown you How you can find your online course idea Plus I’ve also shown you how you can Guarantee that there is money to be made In that topic by literally researching Using udemy’s tool right now you might Be thinking so but how do I actually

Create the online course well this is Where we actually use chat GPT we can Use chat GPT to help you do a lot of the Work and let me show you how right now So first thing you want to do is we want Chat GPT to help us write an outline so I’ll say this right and outline for an Online course on then here here you put In the name the topic name for your Course whatever your idea is so we’ll Use the same example I use time Management okay so whatever your topic Is you just change it okay so now we are Asking check gbt the right outline for Time management course and Bam just like That we now got the outline for our time Management course we can start to use Chat gbt to help you to create the Course lessons so this will be the very First lesson right under introduction we Have definition of time management so Let me show you real quick we will just Go ahead and copy and then I’ll just Tell jet gbt to write a script for a Lesson on and then I’ll just paste in The name of the first lesson right Definition of time management and then Chat GPT would write out the entire Lesson for me and just like that we now Have the script for the very first Lesson which is definition of time Management now what you notice is that a Lot of courses on udemy they actually Teach the courses using a PowerPoint

Slide now you could just use Microsoft PowerPoint or you can use Apple keynote Or you can use Google Google Slides Okay Google Slides is free this is something That I also use so how do we turn the Script that check gbt wrote for us into A slight presentation well let me show You how it’s actually very simple all You have to do is tell chat GPT to turn The script into a slight presentation And then you’ll see that now check GPT Will basically turn this entire lesson Into a slide by slide presentation for You so you see we’ve got slide number One the title objective slide number two These are the bullet points slide number Three slide number four slide number Five and so on so it’s basically helping You to create the slides for you so in This example I’ll just demonstrate using Google Slides okay because it’s free you Can just go to Google then you search Google Slides then you can find Google Slides okay so all you have to do is Just copy Slide by slide right so let’s Say this is uh the first one Introduction we could just write this Copy the title come over here I’ll paste It in like this of course you want to Play around with the Fawns make sure it looks good right I’m not gonna do the whole thing Otherwise it’ll be way too boring so Here you can see I’ll just copy the

Objective I’m trying to do slide number One Like this Okay and then for slide number two this Is a bullet point right so I go ahead And create a new slide and then we can Now add in the bullet points right this Is definition of time management this is The second slide come over here I paste Like this of course you can make it Nicer bold it then you can copy this And they come over here put it in bullet Points Right like this this will be slide Number two of course you can get GPT to Write more and you can just play around With this I’ll just showing you an Example so we’ll move on let’s do slide Number three I’m not gonna do the whole thing Otherwise it’s gonna be too boring so I Paste this in and then you got these Three bullet points like this And of course you’ve got to go and play Around and make it look nicer neater and All that okay so this is how you use Chat GPT to create your course lessons In fact you can even use chat gbt to Create your slide presentations and then All you do is just do exactly what I did You can just copy and paste into a Google slides and then you’ll have all The course lessons now again I don’t Recommend you to just copy and paste

Everything I would recommend you to try To change things and rewrite them in Your own tone in your own words in your Own style and of course add in your own Information as well anything else that You feel that you can add to the lesson Then you should add them right don’t Just copy and paste everything blindly All right so this is how you can create A lesson for your online course which I’ve just demonstrated to you and then All you have to do is just repeat the Process you do the next lesson write the Script then turn it into a slight Presentation then you can create it turn It into Google slide again and you do The next lesson and they can just rinse And repeat and then in no time you can Create your online course you’ll have All of the slide presentations for all Of your lessons for your online course Are you getting this so here’s a quick Recap for you you’re using chat GPT and These are the prompts you can use write And outline for an online course on Whatever topic it is and then you tell Chat gbt to write a script for a lesson You give them the lesson name and then Once they write out a script you tell Chat gbt to turn the script into a Slight presentation so now that we have The slide presentation you just put them Into Google Slides that’s exactly what I’ve just showed you in the past minute

And then just rinse and repeat do it Over and over again for each lesson and Then in no time you will have all the Slide presentations for your course now This point you’ll be thinking so how do You actually record the videos how do You actually create the course well this Is the easiest step you just use Something like OBS studio to record your Computer screen doesn’t matter you’re Using Windows or Mac in fact I’m using OBS right now to record my computer Screen it’s very simple just click start Recording and then you’ll start to Record your computer screen and then Just go through your slides like what I’m doing now right now I’m just Recording my slides and then I’m talking So this is how you can create the Lessons for your course remember course Is just a bunch of videos put together It’s very easy and simple so once you’re Done recording the lessons for your Online course well the very last Question you probably have is so how do You turn your course Into Cash how do You put it out for sale and make money Well good news for you this is actually The easiest step because you already Went through the hardest part the most Difficult part is to actually create a Course which I really shown you how you Can use chat gbt to help make it super Easy super fast super simple so the

Hardest part would have been to create The online course once that is done this Is the easier step so the final step is To just put your course on udemy so that Other people can buy your course and That’s how you can make money so you go To instructor you can go Through the process you give your online Course a title you write a description For your online course to persuade People to buy and remember you can use Chat gbt to help you to come up with Names for your online course and you can Also use chat gbt to help you to write a Description that will help to sell your Course on YouTube

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