How To Make Money With ChatGPT AI (Chat GPT Tutorial)

💵 BEST way to make money online for beginners: ChatGPT explained. How to make money with ChatGPT ai chatbots. How to use Chat GPT chatbot to make money online using ai. artificial intelligence by OpenAI.

How to use ChatGPT to make money with AI. How to make money with Chat GPT. How to use OpenAI GPT-3 and learn how to make money online in this ChatGPT tutorial. Make money with artificial intelligence using OpenAI chatbot GPT. Earn money with AI. Make money with Chat-GPT AI and make money using ai.

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I just copy the entire section I paste Then so copy come back here Paste So now the first section is written so Just go through write the next section With chat gbt then just go Section by Section all I did was just copy and Paste and then in just a few minutes we Have a fully written article that you Will be paid to write all right in this Very quick and very short video I’m Going to show you exactly how to make Money with open ai’s chat GPT now so if You’re interested in learning how to Make money using this new technology Then this video will show you how now First of all what is chat gbt now you’re Probably familiar because this has gone Very viral uh recently okay but anyway Just in case they are still kind of new If you never heard about this before let Me just quickly show you what is chat GPT is basically a chat bot that you can Talk to you can chat with this bot okay And they will reply to you in a very Human-like fashion you can see your Questions they can even write stuff for You okay so it’s gone viral because it’s Pretty amazing I’m going to show you how It works in just a second if you’re Watching this video you’re probably Interested in learning how to make money Online so let me just demonstrate to you How we can use chat GPT to answer your

Questions or chat with you let me just Go straight to chat gbt right now so Obviously you’re going to sign up for an Account right now it’s free so you know What let me make this bigger so it’s Easier for you to read You can see these are some kind of Examples they can let you choose explain Quantum Computing in simple terms blah Blah blah who cares you can talk about Anything you want you can ask the chat Gbt any questions or show you some Examples and more importantly I will Show you how you can make money using This new technology so first of all Let’s say you’re interested in learning How to make money online let’s just see How powerful this thing is so you could Just talk to this as if you are talking To someone else okay so I could be like What are the 10 best ways to make money Online as a complete beginner Okay and then it’s just like you’re Chatting with someone it’s like you’re Dming someone obviously it’s a bot but It’s a very intelligent bot you can Answer you and then you they can answer Almost any kind of question for you and Then you can use it to write powerful Content which is exactly how it can help You make money which I’ll talk about in Just a second so let’s just quickly take A quick look and you can see how Powerful this is there’s actually

Suggesting to you right now all these Ways you can make money online all I Really did was just ask this uh chatbot Hey what are the 10 best ways to make Money online immediately in just a few Seconds they reply you can sell products On the e-commerce platform it could be Physical product it could be a digital Product it’s pretty good considering This is just a bot right it’s not a Human that’s replying me and they Replied it in just a few seconds so this Is pretty good we can make money selling Physical products digital products we Can make money as a freelancer we could Sell an Etsy we could create an app and All these things okay so as you can see This is pretty interesting so if you Want to continue chatting you could Continue to chat to this chat gbt and Learn more let’s say I’m interested in Freelancing then I could be like how can I how can I start making money as a Freelancer and then change video will Continue talking to you as if it’s a Person so now it’s going to teach you And answer a question and just continue Chatting about whatever you want to talk About okay so obviously in this chat Whereas we’re talking about making money Online and all these things okay so the Chat will remain on topic so from now on Everything I talk about it will relate Back to making money online because this

Entire conversation is about making Money online okay so if you want to talk About something else if you want to ask A different question you want to click On new chat that’s how it works okay Otherwise the board will be very Confused because right now we’re talking About making money online okay so it’s Going to teach you all these things like How to make money as a freelancer or Anything you want to talk about making Money this kind of thing is just one Example okay now a problem I’m going to Show you exactly how I can make money Using this tool in just a second but you Need to see for yourself how powerful it Is so if we ask it what are 10 ways to Make money online boom we get this kind Of ideas instantly just a few seconds But that’s not all we have this kind of Program you don’t even have to read Books anymore kind of for example if I Ask the ball I’m not going to type it Because it takes time for the board to Load so I’ve already taken screenshots I Want to save your time so if I ask the Bot what are the best books on habits it Could be anything could be like Cryptocurrency stocks whatever kind of Books you’re interested in personal Development habits so if I ask the bot What are the best books on habits they Really recommend me all these pretty Good books okay so all these books let’s

Say we are interested in atomic habits Then I’ll just asked about hey can you Summarize the book Atomic habits boom Instantly in just a few seconds I Already got all the content I need right I don’t even have to read a book I can Just read this summary that the board Wrote for me so think about it there’s a Lot of ideas you can do with this you Can go and start a blog and it can Create a book summary blog you can Create YouTube videos summarizing a book Just like this I could make a video Right now and just talk about Atomic Habits book and if you think this is Impressive well the next slide will blow Your mind because if I continue asking About hey what are the top 10 best ideas From the book so here they summarize the 10 best ideas from the book which is Actually pretty good so by the way if You’re interested I can pause the video And read it anytime you want so I’m just Trying to show you how powerful this is So I’ll just show you a few more Examples before I jump right into how You make money with this for example if I ask the chat gbt can you explain World War II to a 10 year old then it will Reply to you the gifted information they Write the essay for you but then they’ll Write it in a way that it is very easy To understand because I told them to Explain it to the 10 year old so they

Use simple words and it’s easy to read Easy to understand so it’s pretty good You can learn history even things like Top 10 famous paintings of all time this Is just what I’m just kind of put in for Fun okay what’s the history of SEC and Then I continue the conversation what’s What causes 1929 stock market crash Which is the Great Depression so you can Learn anything you want if I write write Me a travel itinerary for five days in Phuket and then that’s it you see it’s Pretty amazing isn’t it so listen you Can make money using chat gbt how does It work while Fiverr is a website where You can make money by selling services As a freelancer so if you go to Fiverr One of the most popular categories would Be to become a writer with Fiverr people Are charging money to help people write Articles for their blog I write high Quality articles 30 dollars I will write A 500 blog post 15 I’ll write 500 words About anything all right so now that I’ve shown you that other people are Making money as a writer they’re making Money by helping people write articles On Fiverr so let me just go ahead and Write the headline thus it is what they Want you to write okay 10 Habits of Highly Successful People could be about Any topic so let’s say they pay you Money and they tell you that okay this Is the blog article that they want you

To write so how do you use chat gbt to Give you a high quality blog article now The average person who tries to do this They’ll probably do something like this Write a blog article right and by the Way you guys remember that the quality Of your input determines the quality of Your output if we just say write a blog Article you are just going to get a okay You get a average kind of block article But if you want to create a higher Quality article let me show you how you Can do it instead of just saying write Your blog article what you can do is You can ask the chat gbt to do this okay Let me show it to you so let me just go To the next line and then you want to Start off by Getting the AI to write an outline for a Blog article So this way it will give you a more Detailed structure to actually write out The article because if you try to skip All this all the steps if you just ask You to write a blog article it’s just Going to immediately try to write an Article but it’s just it’s just a bunch Of random bullets right it’s not a very High quality article so by doing this we Now have an outline for a Blog article We’ve got the introduction you got the Setting clear goals these are the Sections for the blog so they are Planning okay the entire article for you

Introduction part two part three and all That so now that we have our outline how Do we actually get gbt to actually run Out of the article so we’ll start off by Asking you to write out chunks by chunks Because remember look at this these two Short right let’s get the gbt to write Out section by section so let me just Continue let me just copy this again hit Line and then I will just copy this section because They’ve already planned out the outline Right Okay I don’t need to say I didn’t put Introduction here So what I’ll do is all right structure Okay so you can see exactly how I’m Doing it and they can do it for your Articles that you’re going to generate Okay so we have the headline you got a Structure and now we’re gonna tell the AI to write an introduction to a Blog Article okay so this way you get a very High quality article so I’ll just show You two three sections I’m not gonna do The whole thing because this video will Be too long I’ll keep it short let me Just show you how to do it I open up Google Docs I copy out the title or Headline so remember if this is after Somebody pays you they tell you uh what They want you to write they’ll tell you What would the block title be or at Least they’ll give you an idea so this

Will be the headline right then we have Our introduction remember introduction And then this is the first section we’ve Really gotten the AI oh my God let me do It again all right so coming back here Remember I asked uh gbt to write an Introduction to the blog article so it’s Done so let me just go ahead and copy This Okay introduction Then we’ll get it to write the next Section so remember this is 10 Habits of Highly Successful People let’s get the AI to write the next section which is The first habit right this one right so Let me just copy And then we’ll come back down here So this is the headline right this is For habit number one remember so right Habit number one again we just give it a Structure And then we turn into bullet points so That the AI will actually write out These sections okay to actually answer The questions they’ll talk about these Topics okay and then again now here Instead of asking the AI to write an Introduction we are going to tell them To write a blog section because that’s Exactly what it is right Like this So remember we have the block title the Headline which the buyer gave to us we Have written the introduction come back

Here we’ll wait for the AI to write the First section for you all right now that It’s done all I have to do is I just Copy the entire section copy and then Come back here I paste oops Okay then remember this is the headline Right that’s the first habit so copy Come back here Paste So now the first section is written We’ve got habit number one so we can Move on to the next part which would be This right prioritizing time and energy So let me just copy this again we come Back down okay this will be the headline Right hit line Then we do this okay and then structure Like this Let me just change the headline because This is actually habit number two okay And then we’ll just enter and then we Will wait for charge EBT to write the Blog article for you and once it’s done I’ll just go ahead and copy and then Come back here to my Google doc and then I paste okay and I just put in the Headline this is heavy number two But here and then now you can see we now Have a very high quality block article Are you seeing this because remember Earlier in this video I’ve shown you That if you just tell the chat GPT to Write a blog article you end up with one A very very short article right this is

Not really a high quality article Because it’s very very short it’s just Maybe uh 400 words only and it’s not Even properly written it’s just a bunch Of random bullet points put together Right so if you really want to write a High quality article this is how you do It okay write an outline and then you Just do exactly what I’ve shown you and Then you just continue the whole process Right we got our introduction we’ve got Habit number one you got heavy number Two it’s just all the sections of the Block so just go through right just Continue here write the next section With chat gbt then just go Section by Section and eventually get it to write The conclusion and once you’re done you Will end up with a very very good high Quality blog article and then from there All you have to do is send it to the Person who ordered from you on Fiverr Okay you can just go to file then you go Download you can download as a Microsoft Word download as a PDF and that’s all You do so remember as I’ve shown you I Didn’t even type a single word in this Blog article okay all I did was just Copy and paste and then in just a few Minutes we have a fully written article That you will be paid to write so as I’ve shown you this is how you can use Chat gbt to write blog articles which is How you’re gonna make money you go to

Fiverr you get people to pay you money To write an article for a Blog and you Go over to chat gbt get it to write the Blog article for you then just copy and Paste copy and paste put it in a Google Doc then you just send it to your buyer Hey listen if you found this video to be Helpful you’ve got any value from this Video then remember to subscribe now Because I’ll be making even more videos That will help you make money online so Subscribe right now and I’ll see you in My next video

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