How To Create AI-Powered WordPress Websites in Just 30 Minutes

Building WordPress websites using AI. In this video, I’ll show you the tools I use to build high quality WordPress websites that index and rank in Google using AI.

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Watch as I show you how to build an automated AI website loaded with content that indexes and ranks in Google. Building a WordPress website is so much easier than it used to be with the help of AI tools like AIWiseMind and Kwestify.

Hey and welcome back to vid Society in Today's video I'm going to show you how I build websites just like these over And over again using AI tools so Everything you see on this website was Generated by AI the banners the Background the images the content the Categories now the logo I did create Using canva as well as one of the banner Ads on the website everything else Including the entire setup of this Website was done with AI and I'm going To show you how I do it in this video And the best part about these types of Websites even though they're generated By AI is that they index and many post Rank depending on the competition Obviously so if you look up here on my Google search console the address here Is cupof and you can see Here that I just got this set up on Monday December the 18th which was 10 Days ago and you can see there are Already 100 indexed Pages if you haven't Been watching this Channel and don't Know who I am my name is Chris and I'm The CEO of a company called genx saas And we specialize in making AI software For marketers I have built over 800 WordPress websites since about 2002 and I've been doing affiliate marketing ever Since then I've sold Millions upon Millions of dollars worth of products so What we did was we took all these years

Of knowledge and put it together in a Couple tools that allows you to create And develop your own WordPress websites Fly automated using AI now I'll put the Links below this video to any resources That I mention but there's two tools in Particular that I use the two that we Created called Ai wisemind and a brand New one called questy AI wisemind is an Automated AI creation tool quesy is a Brand new tool we're actually doing a Public launch starting on January the 9th but we're doing an internal launch For my customers and subscribers up Until December 31st so if you're Watching watching this video up until That point you still have time to get in Early and get a couple extra bonuses Before we launch to the public so let me Show you how I create these sites this Is quesy and this tool offers many Different types of research features Such as being able to find niches Analyzing keyword competition extracting People also ask questions finding Related keywords and also extracting the Autoc complete suggestions from Google YouTube and Amazon it can also generate Titles for you these titles I then send To my other tool called AI wise mind it Takes these titles and it'll write SEO Optimized articles up to 2,000 words Each based upon every one of those Titles and auto publish them to my

WordPress websites and then I can even Schedule them out in the future so I can Always get new content added to my Website on a schedule that I choose the First thing I do is I use this tool Called Niche Digger so this tool gives You four different options to just Randomly brainstorm niches or to find Sub Niche ideas of a main Niche for mine It was espresso and you can also find Niche products to promote within Whatever Niche you're building your Content around I got a nice list of sub Niches here all these are ideas that I Can use for building content around or Even building categories around for my Website once I found some of my niches I Then did some keyword competition I went Through and found a lot of keywords Based upon espresso and you can see here It gives a lot of details from keywords To estimated search volume average cost Per click and an estimation of whether These keywords will be difficult to rank Or not now this one here you can see the Revealed dual temp espresso machine gets An average monthly search volume of About 2,900 but during the month of December this went up to 12,100 searches based upon Google's data And a difficulty for ranking this Keyword is doable or minimal which means You have a pretty decent chance of Ranking it with minimal effort then I

Wanted to know what questions people Were asking about espresso so we went Down and did a campaign on people also Ask this tool will dig deep into Google About whatever keyword you enter and Extract these questions for you as you Can see here we have a lot of different Questions I believe I chose results for Up to a 100 but you can go up to a th000 If you want so it'll just keep digging Deeper and deeper and deeper finding you More and more questions people ask about Espresso I can then take these questions And create FAQ Pages or I can use them For titles of Articles or even add Several of these questions into one Article and making it into an authority Article now as an affiliate marketer I Also wanted to know what products people Were searching for on Amazon so I know What products I should focus on to Create reviews around on my website so I Went down and did a campaign for keyword Discovery keyword Discovery extracts the Auto complete suggestions from either Google Amazon or YouTube I chose to do Amazon so it pulled in all of these Keywords directly from Amazon based upon Their search popularity this gives me a Much better idea of what people are Searching for when they buy anything Related to Espresso and we know this is True because Amazon is by far the Largest shopping place online finally

Once I had all this data I went back and Did a campaign for domain name finder so This allows me to find a .c domains that I can purchase on name cheap for about $10 related to my Niche here you can see It gave me a list of a hundred different Suggestions that I could use for an Espresso type website by ticking these Boxes or even selecting all of these and Then clicking on check domains it's Going to redirect me to name chep's bulk Domain name Checker where I can find out Which one of these domain names are Available and I can purchase directly From name chep for about $10 to get Started with my website now another Thing that I want to mention jumping Back over to the people also ask Questions I can also tick these boxes And if I wanted to I could tick them all Or just the ones that I really wanted to Use and if I subscribe to AI wise mine Which is our AI content generator tool I Can click this button here and it will Set up a campaign for me on aiy mind Where it will create SEO optimized Articles based on each one of these Titles it will then autopost them to my Website just like you see these articles Here so if we was to go into one of These articles it automatically Generates featured images it adds the Title here we have an introduction it'll Automatically embed videos for US based

Upon what the title of this article is It'll then generate a table of contents For us and then the complete article Below which even has interlinking to Other articles on the website jumping Over real quick to the AI wise mind tool You can manually set up campaigns here Here to create content on anything you Want to based upon keywords article Titles or even article URLs where it Will extract the content from a page and Rewrite it using AI to generate an SEO Optimized article that's unique and as I Scroll through this page you can see all The options that are available when Using aiy mine including adding your own Affiliate links within articles using Buttons or your own anchor text or Banners as images embedding videos Adding IM You got a choice from image sources here I normally just use AI generated images To be safe you can then further Customize how you want your article Generated by different GPT models Languages tones of voice and viewpoints And then you can schedule out your post You can publish them immediately or even On a schedule based upon so many every Day week month or even year finally you Can select the WordPress websites you Want to post to and aiy mind will Automatically manage update and schedule These post for you on its own another

Thing that makes ay's mind great is that It offers a site wizard so if you scroll Down through here you can go through and Adjust these settings and it'll Automatically make all these adjustments For you on your website including Removing default post Pages plugins Automatically creating your standard WordPress Pages for about contact Privacy disclosure and terms and even Install some of the recommended plugins That we use on the majority of our Websites and using our own wise mind Theme which is what I used here on this Website of cup of espresso whereas I Used to spend days creating every one of These websites writing my own content or Even Outsourcing it and paying as much As5 10 or $25 per article I no longer Have to do any of that to create a Website like this that I can start using Myself or even sell to somebody else Takes me about 30 minutes to do so if You want to build out your own website Or if you just want to develop many Different websites that you can use for Your online promotions then I recommend You check out AI wise mind and quesy if You don't consider yourself very techy And you don't want to take the time to Learn these two tools to be able to Create these websites we also offer a Done for you service at a place called WP And we've added some sample websites Here I'll go ahead and jump over and Show you this one here is for crypto News and just look at these images and The content on this website here's one For cyber security credit Repair mental health and Wellness and one here on Fitness so These are the way that we develop and Create these websites and sell them so If you're just looking for one that is Already built out that has a minimum of 125 posts on it where we use our own Tools aiy Minify to create them for you Then now is the time to get them because Right now they are $100 off and it's Super easy to order one cuz if you Scroll down all you have to do is enter The niche we do everything else we do The research the setup the categories The Articles the titles everything the Only thing you really have to do is make Sure you have web hosting and WordPress Installed on a domain name you're going To provide us with the login details to That website not your Hosting account That way once we complete your website We can log into your WordPress website And upload your site for you and we have Some extra add-ons if you want to expand Your website out even further but these Are completely optional it's never been Easier to build out these WordPress

Websites for promotions for affiliate Marketing or anything else that you do Online and we believe these tools are Helping to make it even easier so let me Know what you think about AI technology And automating web sites is it something That you would consider or do you still Prefer to do it manually that's it for This video guys have a great day

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