How To Build An Automated AI Affiliate Website [Step-by-Step]

Want to build an AI affiliate website but don’t know where to start? In this first video, I’ll show you how to find a domain name, register it, and get set up with my preferred hosting.

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Do you want to build an automated affiliate website using AI? If so, this video series is for you! In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to build an automated affiliate website starting from a simple domain and hosting setup.

By the end of this series, you’ll have everything you need to create an automated affiliate website that you can control and grow! This video is perfect for anyone who wants to start their own online business.

Hey and welcome back to vid Society so In this video what I'm going to do is Actually start a series of building out A new AI affiliate website using aiy's Mind and I'm going to take you from Beginning to the end so in this video Here what I'm going to show you how to Do or what I'm going to show you how What I do is going out finding a domain Name buying it and setting up my hosting And installing WordPress that's what I'm Going to cover in this video and then in The upcoming videos I want to show you How I build these websites out into These massive AI websites that gets tons Of traffic which can ultimately lead to Building up email lists promoting Affiliate products using AdSense Whatever it is you want to do to Monetize them so to get started here's What I do I use namecheap to buy my Domain names and I use hostinger for all My hosting so I'll put the links below This video that'll take you to namecheap If you want to check it out so first Things first I've decided what I want to Do is build a website based around a Traveling location and this is a very Popular destination especially on the East coast of the United States and That's Myrtle Beach and so what I'm Going to do is build a website around Myrtle Beach I'm going to fill it up With questions that people ask which are

Going to be pretty easy to rank for and Then that's going to bring in a lot of Traffic and then from there I can do AdSense or I can add some type of Affiliate products on there or even rent Out spaces to businesses in the area That maybe want to just advertise on my Website so we'll just have to see what It brings us to at that point now the First thing I want to do is I'm going to Go to chat GPT and I'm going to use gpt4 You can use 3.5 for this I just find That four usually gives you some better Ones and I'm going to paste in down here I want to say give me 25 domain names Ending I can use for building a Website about traveling to Myrtle Beach Or actually let me rephrase this give me 25 domain I can use For building a website about Myrtle Beach so that sounds better I can use Forbidden website about Myrtle Beach Okay so let's go ahead and see what it's Going to give us now other sometimes if I have no idea what I'm going to use I'll even put in give me 50 domain names Or a hundred and it'll just keep putting Them out there until you just find one That you like now all of these will not Be available GPT for it's it doesn't Sync up with the internet yet so you Can't just find out exactly what's Available or not so I'm going to take These and copy them

And we're going to go back over to Namecheap I'm going to go to domains Bulk domain search Close this And then in the search box I'm going to Paste all these And then I'm going to untick this box to Show premiums because I do not want to Show premiums and click on generate and Then this usually takes about one to two Minutes and if you scroll down you're Going to start seeing some of these pop Up if they're available and right now They're actually on sale 7.98 for so that's good And then I can come down here and see All these domains that are available Myrtle Beach Spotlight I like that one But some of these are kind of long I'll Tell you what let's do this let's go Back here And instead of saying Myrtle Beach let's See if we can just tell it to do MB Instead MB and let's see what it will do And there we go so now these domains are Going to be much shorter much more Brandable in my opinion we'll give it Just a minute to finish up and check These okay we'll take these copy it go Back here and I'm going to click on Reset Paste these in untick this box and Generate okay so I'm not going to do any

More research I don't like to take much More time than this to pick out one so I'm going to use this one here called now I'm going to go ahead And add this to my cart but before I Purchase it what I want to do is go to My web Hosting account and find out what My name servers are and the reason you Have to know your name servers is Because I'm buying this domain name from Namecheap but my web hosting is on Hostinger so there are two separate Websites so you have to link them Together so if you get web hosting from Hostinger or any other place wherever You get your web hosting from they're Going to give you name servers you can Use and what you do with those is if you Want to direct a domain name from a Different place to them then you enter Those name servers in and that's exactly What it'll do if I jump over to my Hostinger account you can see here my Name servers and these are what they are And the only difference between these Two is the number one and the number two Now these name servers will most likely Be different for you if you're using Hostinger and if you're using a Different web hosting company they're Definitely going to be a lot different Than this so make sure you check that if You can't find them in your Hosting Account they'll be in your welcome email

That you got when you signed up for web Hosting now if you haven't signed up for Hosting or yet that link below will take You to this page here where you can find Out the latest deal now if you scroll Down these are the options you have and As with any of the web hosts out there Or at least with the majority of them to Get the huge discount like this that They're offering you got to pay at least Six months or 12 months up front so if You do like the Premium plan it's going To be like three bucks a month you can Do it for a year it's coming like 36 Dollars for the entire year if you want More features such as what's in the Business or the cloud startup you can Scroll down here you can see the Differences in them and then you can Pick for me personally because I have so Many websites I actually do the cloud Hosting you do not have to do this Cloud Hosting if you're only planning on Making a couple websites five or ten you Don't need to do this but if you want to Build out like an Empire of sites you May want to go with something that's Going to be a little more powerful such As their Cloud hosting and if you scroll Down you're going to see here that these Are their plans I'm on the cloud Enterprise account this is what I'm Currently subscribed to but once again If you're just starting out just grab

One of these plans you can always Upgrade later if you want to as you're Signing up for a Hosting account if you Notice down here it's also going to say Free domain name so you can actually get Your domain name free if you haven't Signed up for an account yet with Hostinger as you're going through the Process It'll ask you what you want your Domain name to be you can enter it in And then that's all you have to do since I'm using namecheap to buy my domain Name I'm just going to go ahead and Process this checkout and then I'm going To add my name servers in and then I'll Show you what happens next okay so I Just processed my order you can see here Thank you for your purchase once again Guys this is a brand new domain name It's not an expired domain name remember That because a few videos down the road When you see the results I'm going to be Getting from the site it's going to blow Your mind so what I'm going to do next To go over here and click on manage and So on this page all you have to do is Come down here to where it says name Servers and your want to click this drop Down box and you're going to pick custom DNS And you're going to paste in your name Servers And all I have to do is change that to a Two

And then click this check box So basically what I'm doing here is I'm Just telling namecheap hey look I know That I bought my domain here but I have Hosting on hostinger so I'm these are my DNS servers I want you to send my domain Toward that Hosting account and that's Where I want it to use it now if I jump Back over to my Hosting account and if I Come up here and click on websites it's Going to show all of my current websites I have here what I'm going to do is Click here where it says create or Migrate a website and then I'm going to Choose my hosting plan that I have and Then from here I'm going to skip I'm going to skip again And then right here where it says use an Existing domain we are going to add in The domain we just bought from namecheap So we're just going to paste that in There and click on continue And look how fast that happened it Already knows that it's from namecheap So we're going to click on continue and It's going to take a few minutes here to Set up the dashboard and then the Website will be ready to use that fast And this is another reason why I like to Use namecheap because this whole process Of buying a domain name and having it Active for a website only takes a couple Minutes sometimes when you buy your Domain name through hosting or itself it

Can actually take a couple hours for it To be set up and activated you can see Here SSL installed automatically so it Automatically does that for you you Don't have to worry about that either It's almost done so I'm going to come up Here and click on where it says Hostinger it's going to take me back to My main home page here I'm going to Click on websites and then we have here Where it says so we're Going to go ahead and click manage and Then I'm going to go to auto installer And click on WordPress And then I'm just going to fill out These credentials So for my title I'm just putting amazing MB and then I have my email address my Administrator username and password and We're going to click next And then I'm going to click on install And that's it so now I'm going to give It just a couple minutes it's installing WordPress and then our website is going To be ready to use that easy and so once You do this a few times you'll be able To go out and find domain names buy them And set up your hosting in a matter of About five minutes or less Now after installing WordPress is taking Us to this page here where you can see Everything that's going on with it you Don't have to bother anything in here But what you can do is come up here and

You can click this link And it's going to take you to your Website which is already active and Ready to go now So that's all we're going to do in this Video but in the next video what I'm Going to do is go ahead and get a theme Setup and installed on my site and we're Going to make some changes to our WordPress dashboard and make sure Everything is set up the way it's Supposed to be and actually I'll Probably just let AI wise mind do the Majority of that for me and I'll show You how all that works in the next video If you want to see it be sure to Subscribe to my channel click that Bell Icon that way you'll get notified when I Upload these future videos that's it for This one guys have a great day

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