GPTBeast Review and Demo | With Bonuses, Coupon, and Upsell Details

In this GPTBeast review video, I’ll walk you through the product, show you how it works and explain the features.

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Transform your ideas into high-quality content, such as ebooks, articles, and more, with GPTBeast’s effortless code generation. Just describe your software requirements, and the AI will produce the perfect code for you. Monetize your knowledge and generate passive income by easily selling your creations.

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The possibilities with GPTBeast are endless – from language translation and solving complex math problems to countless other applications. With the included commercial license, you can generate and sell assets to clients without restrictions.

Hey and welcome back to vid Society in This video I'm going to be reviewing a New chat GPT product for you called GPT Beast now I did a product review the Other day on one this one is much more Simplified and honestly as I'm going Through this and trying out some new Things in it I'm really impressed and Don't quite understand how they set up The back end for this product but as we Go through this you're going to see it's Just like it really understands the kind Of information that you're wanting to Create and that's what it generates for You so it's much easier to use than just Going to chat GPT yourself typing in a Prompt and getting an answer back but Not being quite what you want now as Always I'll put all the links below this Video that will take you to this tool And other resources you may be Interested in there will also be a link That will take you to my vid Society Website review for this product where You can learn more about things like the Upsells as well as getting a coupon that Can save you some extra money on GPT Beast if you're interested in it so here We are logged in remember depending on The upsells you pick up you may or may Not have access to all the features I'm Going to be showing you here if you want To learn more about those upsells on the Pricing check it out on my website all

Right so we're going to jump over here First and we're going to look at one Here called AI content so basically what This is is just a prompt box just like You have on chat GPT but this one here Is more geared to giving you the type of Content you actually want so for example Let's say we're creating a YouTube Script for a product review I could type In something like this and then we click On search That we're gonna have to give it around Maybe 30 seconds to a minute and it's Going to create the content for us okay Now we have it created you can see here How it breaks everything up it says Intro music plays and then it even says Host here a little intro opening shot And then once again and it kind of Breaks everything down you can even add Testimonials you can add closing shots Everything's just lined up perfect for You to use this for a YouTube script now You can also do this for a blog post so Maybe you want to create a review for This product and add it to your blog so Instead of creating a YouTube script you Could put on here something like create A blog post review for a product called Uh okay we'll just do this click search And we'll give it another minute and see What it comes up with and after about 30 Seconds we now have a blog post created Specifically for a product called GPT

Beast now from here you can simply just Copy the text and paste it and you're Ready to go they also have a section Here for AI graphics and here you can Enter anything that you want a picture Or a graphic of by typing in the Box Clicking search and after 30 seconds to A minute that's what you're going to get There's also one for AI animation this One here animates whatever you want text Of let's just say for example GPT Beast You would simply click on search give it Just a minute this one's really fast and Then it gives you all different types of Images that you can use and you can just Continue to go and get more this one Here I actually really like and you can Simply click download to download it to Your computer Now there's also one called AI creative And in this box you can type in a Sentence or a paragraph or a few Paragraphs and then over here in the Drop down box you can choose what you Want it to do with that for example you Can fix spelling mistakes you can Simplify the language add more detail Which is really neat this one here add More detail and also the one on the Bottom provide more context or detail so If you have a paragraph in here it's Simply going to expand on it and give You more content from that paragraph or From that sentence you can also change

The word choice to be more specific add A transition sentence or even rephrase Sentences and paragraphs making them More unique under AI speech you can Simply click on start and you can record Yourself talking and then what it's Going to do is turn that into text and This is great because maybe you want to Write out a blog post without typing it You can actually just talk it'll turn Into text you can you can copy all that Content if you want you can have gptbs To rewrite it for you even making it More unique or you can paste it directly Onto your website or even use a tool Like Pick 3 to create a video for it There's also AI translate so this one Here translates your text to different Languages so you paste in here whatever You want to convert simply come up here And choose the language you want to Convert it to and click on search Then there's AI voice over you can come Over and click on new voiceover and this Is actually a tool that I've seen in Others before but it is pretty decent And all you do is choose your language Give it a title and then from here you Can come down and click on AI voiceover And pick one of these to do and all of These actually sound really good so for Example let's click play on just a Couple of these with Cloud machine Learning your application interprets

Images texts and more with Cloud machine Learning your application interprets Images texts and more With Cloud machine learning your Application interprets images texts and More okay so all this sounds really good Just by default so you really don't have To change any of the settings up here if You don't want to and then all you do is Paste your text in here and you can see You can do up to 3 000 characters at a Time then click on generate voiceover And it's going to create that voiceover For you and save it so you can come over Here and go to your my voiceovers and Just download them and even add Background music to them to make them Sound even better and then if you also Purchase some of the upsells like the Agency the white label or the reseller All those are going to be here too as Well as accessing your bonuses right Here so this is GPT Beast if you're Looking for something like this to help You to generate contents Graphics Animations voiceovers or even converting Speech to text then this may be Something you're interested in so once Again all those details are below this Video make sure you check out my vid Society website to get the latest Coupons and the details on the upsells If you guys like these types of in-depth Reviews of products before you go out

And invest in them be sure to subscribe To my channel like this video and leave Me a comment below that's it for this One have a great day

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