eCoverly Review & Demo: Animated E-book Cover Generator

eCoverly review and demo. In this video, I’ll show you what eCoverly is all about and cover the upsell options. Launches October 2nd

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eCoverly is an innovative software that uses AI to allow users to effortlessly create stunning animated ebook covers in just 5 minutes. Gone are the days of spending hours trying to master complex design tools or paying exorbitant fees to hire a professional designer. With eCoverly, you have the power to create high-quality ebook covers that are guaranteed to captivate your audience.

eCoverly is your go-to solution for creating stunning, professional, and customizable animated eCovers for your digital products. With its intuitive design features, versatile templates, and user-friendly customization options, eCoverly empowers you to take your product to new heights. Don’t miss out on the chance to captivate your audience, boost your sales, and stand out in the competitive digital marketplace.

Create amazing ebook covers, software covers, digital product covers and more.

Hey and welcome back to vid Society in This video I'm going to be doing an E-coverly review for you this is a brand New product that's going to be launching I believe tomorrow and I'll put the Links below this video because there's Different ways you can purchase this Product you can purchase the individual Product the front end itself you can Purchase the bundle by going through Like a webinar type video and get a Massive discount I'm going to explain All that in this video and what this Product does so if you watch my YouTube Channel you know I'm really into AI in Fact we have our own AI software but Many of you are into creating your own Ebooks your own digital products PDFs And what better way to promote those Than having an enticing or really Engaging ebook cover and one that's even Animated so this is the first time I've Ever seen ebook covers like this that Are animated and one reason why I wanted To review this is because I realize how Many people are making these if we jump Back and look eight months ago I made a Video on how to use chat GPT to write an Ebook and it has over 234 000 views so this is something that a Lot of people are interested in and when You combine your ebooks or your PDF Documents your courses whatever it is You have with something like this with

An eye-catching cover you're going to Get a lot more clicks on it and Potentially a lot more conversions so Let me take you through and show you What this does so the first thing you See when you log in is this page here or Your dashboard and if you scroll down You can see a lot of the animated Type e Covers some regular e-covers and if you Buy some of the upsells I'm going to be Going over each upsell with you too here In just a minute and explain the pricing To you and what these are but you can See here they even have group shots Where you can bundle together and have These types of covers created for you as Well as mock-ups and more now what I Want to do is instead of jumping right Into to here we're going to go up and Narrow it down so we're going to come up Here to the top and click on e-covers And these are going to be your typical E-covers but they are very well designed A lot of collars very catchy I like this One here dominating Online Auctions and Over here on the left hand side you can Narrow it down by niches by simply Clicking on any one of these if you want To edit them it's very easy for example This chicken coupon by the way there is A chicken coop product on ClickBank that Has been selling for years very well you May want to check that out but here you Can see all these different types of

Covers that you can create for it and if You find one you like let's just say for Example maybe you like this one you want To put it maybe in the sidebar of your Website even you can simply click on This you can come in here and you can Edit these so you can click on a lot of These items you can replace them you can Delete them this text here if the text Is edible you can click on it and over Here you simply change it you can change The color the fonts and much more and on The left hand side you can see over here You can add additional text clip art you Can upload your own images backgrounds You can reset the template and watch Tutorials let's go ahead and exit out This and I'll show you some of the other Ones now if we jump up back to the top And go to animated we can see all the Animated covers these are amazing Imagine having these on the sidebar of Your website where they're just there Catching people's attention every time They go to a new page or a new post and Of course if you have your own product If you have your own service that you Just need a cover for to advertise it You could do that and even put these on Your home page to really get a lot more Attention to them or on any page on your Website so let's just say for example on This one the surveys for cash by the way There's also many survey type products

Available on ClickBank let's go ahead And open this one up and now you can see Here all the different models that are Available that you can use and let's Just say that you like this one here we Can click on it oh A cover lady And it takes us back here where we can Edit this one and now all I can do is I Can click anywhere on here and the text I can't click on this one and lots of Times on some of these you got to be Careful because there may be some like a Layer on top so for example if I click This text it doesn't do anything but if I move you can see this layer moving Down so this is a layer that's on top of It that has the dollar bills so let me Move it you can see how that's moving Now out of the way as I'm moving this And so when that's out of the way I can Now click on the text and I can edit it You can see over here's the text and Then you also have some images here you Can resize the images you can change the Angle of them you can change the text Down here And so much more so when you're done With that you just want to make sure Everything's back in place and you can Come up here to generate it or you can Even preview it and then save it and Then you have a section here for Prime For e-covers and animated this is

Another upsell that you can join to get New templates every single month then You have one here for group shots let's Go ahead and open this one up the Mock-ups and the gigs hero I'll show you Them real quickly so this is group shots Where all these things are bundled Together and you can go in and edit them And have these huge bundled images that You can use to promote products and Services And then here are the mock-ups where you Can simply just click on those and edit Them too the last thing I want to show You is something called e-coverly gigs Hero so if we come up here and click on This you can actually go in here and you Can find clients who want e-covers you Can see over here these are some of the Places that it can find jobs from so These are some of the most well-known Places you can go to find jobs and it's All integrated here within this Dashboard and you can even keep track of Everything you got gig templates profile Templates and trackers and what I love About this is this animated style of E-cover is brand new I've never seen Anything like it before and so if you do Offer gigs or services to people once This launches here tomorrow you can be One of the first to get involved with This to set up your gigs and you can Really establish yourself pretty well in

This industry for making e-covers now Lastly I want to show you here the front End offer the pricing and the otos and What you get with each of them so the Front end offer is going to give you 3D E-covers in minutes you can also create Traditional 2D e-covers and it's going To range from 37 to 67 based on the Options you choose Oto1 is the e-coverly pro where you can Get an additional 550 premium templates With 2D and 3D animated models that are Proven to sell Like Crazy 97 a year Oto2 are the group shots we looked at Those those are the bundled shots Together which is 97 Oto3 is the e-coverly prime I've already Talked about this this is where you can Join to get new templates every single Month for 47 you have the gigs hero Which we just looked at and also the Ecoverly agency Edition which I didn't Talk about this one but it says here Complete agency in a box done for you Resources team logins and more for Growth and then you have the webinar Bundle so this is something that I Mentioned at the beginning of this video And I'll put the link for it below this Video because if you decide to get all Of this at once you can save a Substantial amount of money so if this Is something that you're really Interested in maybe building a business

Around or just using it for your own Business affiliate business uh promoting Your own products or services or Whatever it is then you may want to Consider it ebooks products courses Documents training anything that Requires these types of e-covers are Going to be here for a very long time so If you want to learn more about E-coverly check out the links below this Video I hope you guys found this video Useful if you did be sure to check out Some of my other videos on my YouTube Channel subscribe and I will talk to you Later

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