ChatGPT SEO Prompts to Rank Quickly on Google!

In this video I’m going to show you some Chat GPT SEO prompts to quickly rank on Google.

Get ahead of the competition with the AIPRM for ChatGPT Chrome extension and the Keywords Everywhere tool.

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Keywords Everywhere

Follow along as we use Chat GPT to create an SEO-optimized version of top-ranking blog post and articles.

Increase your ranking with the importance of backlinks, and see how the Keyword Everywhere extension provides the search volume and backlinks of the top result.

Finally, learn how to build backlinks by contacting the original article’s linkers.

Let’s dive in an upgrade your SEO strategy with Chat GPT!

In this video I’m going to show you some Chat GPT SEO prompts to quickly rank on Google first you need to click the link In the description to get the aiprm for Chat GPT Chrome extension once you’ve Added it chat GPT will open with the Extension installed Next click on the outrank article prompt Then find a piece of content from one of Your competitors that is ranking on the First page of Google I can use how to make an app as an Example the first organic search result In Google is a blog post from 2021 so This presents a great opportunity to Create a better and more current piece Of content So I’m going to copy the URL paste that Into our outrank chat GPT prompt and now Chat GPT is going to create an SEO Optimized version of that blog post I Think you’re going to be amazed by how Good this actually is So now we can see our full blog post Here and it’s pretty impressive it’s Broken down into five steps it’s very Easy to read and it’s an ideal blog post For beginners it’s good to note that This is not a direct copy of the Existing blog post The original pose consisted of 10 steps But the condensed version still contains All necessary information I think Chachi PT did a great job in

Creating an improved version that has The perfect amount of content However the version created by chat GPT May only serve as a first draft you can Prove it and update it with any other Relevant information to make it as Useful as possible for readers then once You’ve got it ready you can go ahead and Publish it on your website Backlinks are important for ranking on Google so I recommend getting the Keyword everywhere Chrome extension just Click the link in the description and Add it to Chrome it is a paid tool but It’s pay as you go and starts at ten Dollars so it’s perfect for beginners Once enabled you can see the search Volume for the keyword which is an Indication of how much traffic the top Result is getting You can also see the backlinks which are Other sites that are linking to the blog Post giving it Authority in Google’s Eyes To build backlinks you can contact the People who linked to the original Article and ask them to link to your new Updated article by clicking one of the Backlinks we are brought to a website Scrolling down we find the text to Design the app yourself with a clickable Link behind it the link appears in the Bottom left of the screen so we know This is the backlink to the blog post

Ranking on the first page of Google so Now we can contact the person who links To the original article and ask them to Link to your new updated article Let’s have a look at another chat GPT SEO prompt that can help you rank Quickly in Google click on the keyword Strategy prompt and type in your keyword For example how to use chat GPT you’ll Get a table of keywords that you can use For your SEO strategy this table will Include the keywords an indication of The search intent whether people are Looking to buy or just educate Themselves a suggested title for the Piece and a meta description This is a great way to map out your Keyword strategy and can be passed on to A team member or freelancer to speed up Content creation another great prompt That can help you reach the first page Of Google If you enjoyed this video subscribe for More and check out my other content Thanks for watching

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