Chat GPT: $4500/month Passive Income Blueprint

Looking to make money with ChatGPT from OpenAI? In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use Chat GPT to create an easy passive income stream and earn money online.

With ChatGPT’s AI language model, you can generate human-like text and use it to create digital products in no time.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for a new source of income or an experienced entrepreneur seeking new passive income streams, this tutorial will give you the tools you need to succeed.

We’ll go over how to use Chat GPT, the easiest strategy for using it to make money online, and give you an actionable idea to start generating passive income right away. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to make money with ChatGPT and create passive income streams.

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Hey what’s up guys welcome back to the Channel in this video we’ll talk about How to make passive income using chat GPT to write Kindle eBooks with this Strategy you can make an extra 150 per Day or fifty four thousand dollars per Year in passive income without any prior Skills or investment required to make This goal a reality we’ll be breaking Down the process into four main parts Selecting a topic for your ebook writing It with AI publishing it on Amazon Kindle and promoting it to get initial Reviews if you’re not familiar with chat GPT it’s an amazing free AI tool that Will basically write your ebook for you Simply type in a prompt like write Chapter one of an ebook about the Carnivore diet and chat GPT will get to Work once that’s done just type write Chapter 2. I’ll show you guys how to Access chat GPT and start using it for Yourself in a bit so stay tuned Alright let’s dive in and take a closer Look at each step First let’s talk about choosing a topic To find ideas that will make money you Can look at the Kindle best sellers list On Amazon and see what topics are Currently popular To do this go to Amazon and type in Books And click on best sellers and click on Kindle best sellers to see a list of the

Best-selling books on Amazon If you clip on a book and scroll down The page you can see its rank in the Kindle Store All books in the Kindle Store are ranked Against each other so you can use this Member to calculate how much it’s making For example if it’s ranked number one in The Kindle store you can use the free Amazon sales rank calculator to estimate That it is making around 6 390 sales per Day While it’s unlikely that you’ll rank Number one you can still aim for a spot Within the top 5 000 best-selling books On Kindle This will give you the potential to make 30 sales per day at a price of five Dollars per book resulting in one Hundred and fifty dollars in Daily Passive income For example if you notice the particular Diet trend is gaining popularity you Might consider writing about that topic If it ranks inside the top 5 000 Best-selling books on Kindle you can use This as an opportunity to create a Unique and high quality book that stands Out from the competition To find out what people like and don’t Like about the books in your chosen Category you can research the Competition and read reviews Pay attention to any common complaints

Or areas where readers feel that the Books are lacking Use this information to create a product That addresses these issues and delivers A better experience for readers Once you settle on a topic it’s time to Move on to creating the ebook This is where chat GPT can really come In handy If you don’t have access to chat GPT yet All you have to do is head on over to and click the sign up Button I’ll leave a link in the Description if you want to save some Time And the best part it’s completely free To sign up no credit card required just Make sure you have your email and phone Handy because some countries may require A text message confirmation Unfortunately there isn’t an official App but you can bookmark the site on Your phone and it’ll appear whenever you Open your search engine to write your Ebook you can use chat GPT to assist you With the writing process Simply type in a prompt like write Chapter one of any book about the Carnivore diet and chat GPT will get to Work Once that’s done type write chapter 2. Track GPT has the ability to remember Earlier conversations so it can write Chapters in a cohesive and coherent

Manner without repeating information You can continue this process for each Chapter using chat GPT to write as much Or as little as you’d like If you’re looking to get a little more Hands-On in your ebook writing process I’ve got a great tip for you Ask chat GPT to give you an outline for Your ebook it’s seriously the easiest Thing ever giving you a super detailed Outline to follow this takes a ton of The pain out of writing a book it’s Seriously amazing If you want to take your ebook to the Next level here’s a pro tip include Information that addresses common issues And complaints you’ve noticed while Checking out the reviews of other books In your Niche this way you can dress any Pain points your readers might have and Provide a more valuable product or if You want to see what’s hot right now and Get some inspiration for your book type Your topic into Google Trends or do a General Google search you’ll see popular Search terms and questions you can Include an answer in your ebook this Will help you create a book that’s more In demand and relevant to your audience For example I’ll ask it to write an Outline for any book about the carnivore Diet for beginners but this time include Those questions and trending Search Terms I found on Google Search and

Google Trends As you can see now we have a much more Detailed book outline that directly Answers the questions of our readers All right now you’ve got a killer Outline for your ebook it’s time to Start writing you can go chapter by Chapter and ask chat GPT to write each One including any extra information or Details you want to include It’s super convenient and takes a lot of The work out of the writing process and When you’re all done with that it’s time To get your ebook out there and start Making some money so let’s take a look At how to publish your ebook on Amazon Kindle it’s possible to format an e-book For Kindle using Google Docs Just create a new document copy and Paste in your content and use the Formatting tools Once you’re done use the file menu to Choose download as and select ePub as The file type This will download a copy of your Document in the common format for Kindle Devices Or if you don’t want to do the Formatting yourself you can hire someone On Fiverr to do it for you for as little As five dollars Then go to the Kindle Direct publishing Website and sign in with your Amazon Account click on the add a new title

Button to create a new ebook Just keep following the prompts and Before you know it your book will be Available to a huge Global audience Once you’ve finished writing your ebook It’s time to start promoting it and Getting initial reviews One way to do this is by offering your Ebook for free for a limited time and Promoting it on social media platforms Like Facebook and Reddit This can help attract more readers and Generate initial reviews which can in Turn increase the chances of you ranking Well on the Kindle bestseller list Once you have a good number of reviews You can switch to selling the paid Version of your ebook and start making Money online This is just one of the amazing Opportunities available with chat GPT if You’d like more examples click on this Video and check out my other content Thanks for watching

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