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This Edureka video on 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐭𝐆𝐏𝐓 𝐄𝐱𝐚𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐬 will explain how you can use ChatGPT for different use cases and 10x Your Productivity. ChatGPT capable of generating human-like text, making them useful for a variety of tasks, including writing and editing. Below are some popular ChatGPT Examples in this ChatGPT tutorial:

00:00 Introduction
00:49 Recipe ideas
02:17 Conversational starters
02:45 Backend codes
03:24 Concept explaination accorrding to age
03:53 Translations in different languages
04:00 Product Recommendations
04:32 career coach
05:12 Mood Lightner
05:33 Mental Health Support
06:23 Entertainment suggestion

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OpenAI ChatGPT is making great changes in every 
sector of the industry it has revolutionized   The way we see artificial intelligence and NLP 
but the problem is that most people just don’t   Know how to use it since you are here I already 
assume that you know what Chat GPT is if you don’t   Know what it is yet then I highly recommend 
going through our channel for those videos   We at Edureka are highly impressed by opening 
eyes effort at ChatGPT and we fully support   Their new API but before we get started make 
sure to like this video And subscribe to our   Channel you can also hit the Bell icon to 
receive regular updates from here edureka   Also provides a course on ChatGPT that can make 
you a ChatGPT Pro so go ahead and check that out   The first example that we are going to see over 
here is recipe suggestions you can type something   Like I have carrots zucchini and broccoli what 
can I prepare with them for a vegan dinner and   ChatGPT will instantly give you suggestions based 
on those items which are vegan this is great when   You are coming home from a long day of work and 
you just want to get creative in the kitchen   But before we go ahead to the Second Use case 
let me just show you some of the limitations   Of Chat GPT the first limitation is that ChatGPT 
may occasionally generate incorrect information   We have seen this previously in all kinds of chat 
Bots and Chat GPT is no different but OpenAI has   Done a great job at decreasing this the second 
limitation is that ChatGPT may occasionally   Produce harmful instructions or biased content so 
if You observe something like this being answered   It’s best not to use them the third and the 
biggest limitation is that ChatGPT has limited   Knowledge of world and events after 2021. you see 
ChatGPT was developed on data which was available   For 2021 so if you ask it something like what 
is the time right now it will start struggling   The Second Use case that we have is social 
skills Chat GPT is especially great if you   Are an introvert and you struggle to make 
conversations with new people I have typed   Can you list some conversation starters and Chat 
GPT instantly gets to it it gives me some pointers   On how I can start a conversation with someone 
new the third use case that we have is coding   I know that most people already know that 
ChatGPT is used for coding a lot but I   Had to include it even if it was overrated 
because chat GPT is just so damn good at it   Over here I have mentioned a prompt saying write 
a node.js backing code for a marketing company   And you can see that chat GPT goes ahead and 
writes the entire backend code now this code might   Not be everything that you were looking for but 
it at least provides you a template to begin with   The fourth use case is tutoring charge apt 
makes an excellent tutor and this is proven   By the general public because they believe that 
ChatGPT is better than most University professors   To use ChatGPT like a tutor and get some really 
simple explanations you can use the keyword   Explain like M5 and over here I have asked Chat 
GPT to explain me the concept of time dilation   This is one of the toughest things to explain in 
physics and Chat GPT does a really good job at it  

So the next time you are stuck on some really 
tough problem note that ChatGPT is here for you   The fifth use case that we have is language 
translation yes the ridiculously tough task   Of language translation has just become easier 
over here I have typed how to say have a great   Day in French and you can see that Chat 
GPT has given me a translation for it   You can also use Chat GPT for product 
recommendations since chat GPT has come   Across a large amount of language data chat GPT 
has managed to identify some Trends so the next   Time you go shopping you can ask ChatGPT for 
some suggestions like here I have typed I’m   Looking to buy some trendy sneakers do you have 
any suggestions CChat GPT eases through this it   Instantly generates a list of really cool sneakers 
that I can buy the next use case is an interesting   One Chat GPT can also be your career coach ChatGPT 
can help you find the best job based on your skill   Set and your interest to do this you can try the 
following prompt help me find the right job I’m   Good at creative and analytical tasks now Chat 
GPT takes this data and then suggests you some   Jobs that are really good for your skill set 
you can see that it has suggested data analyst   Marketing specialist ux designer Etc which heavily 
deals with analytics and creativity conversations   With Chat GPT can also be extremely casual you can 
get chat GPT to tell you some jokes for that you   Can type tell me a joke and then you can see chat 
gpt’s reply over here sure here’s one for you why   Did the tomato turn red because it saw the salad 
dressing I know this isn’t one of the best jokes   You might have heard but it’s enough to give you 
a chuckle a lot of people have also used chat chip   Tea for mental health support charity is extremely 
helpful when you are feeling sad and depressed and   You want some pointers on how you can change 
your mood to do this you can just type out   Your feelings for example I’ll type I’m feeling 
sad and stressed ChatGPT immediately recognises   What kind of query this is and it will give you 
some suggestions on how you can improve your mood   It tells you to exercise connect with others 
practice mindfulness among many other things okay   Guys this is the last use case in this video chat 
GPT can help you with all sorts of entertainment   You can get Chat GPT to give you suggestions 
pointers or even just play a game with you   For example I have typed I like mystery books 
could you suggest a novel [Music] immediately gets   To it it gives me a list of amazing novels that 
I can read on my free time and this isn’t just   Limited to novels you can also get suggestions 
on movies if you want like for example I’ll type   I allowed Shawshank Redemption could you suggest 
another movie like that and chat GPT immediately   Recognized the movie and is providing me with 
some recommendations based on that Shana plot   Etc Isn’t that cool anyway that’s it for this 
video on chat GPT examples hope you found this   Video useful and if you know a better way to use 
ChatGPT do let me know in the comments down below   I hope you have enjoyed listening to this 
video please be kind enough to like it and   You can comment any of your doubts and queries 
and we will reply them at the earliest do look  

Out for more videos in our playlist And subscribe 
to edureka channel to learn more. Happy learning!

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