$1000/WEEK WORLDWIDE Work From Anywhere Jobs NO PHONE CALLS 2023

Here are some $1000/week worldwide work from anywhere job with no phone calls!


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Hey guys in this video we have some work From home jobs here that are not going To require you to be on the phone with Customers or anything like that and also Are hiring pretty much anywhere Worldwide so you should be able to apply From pretty much anywhere it's at Chess.com which is a chess playing and Learning website where you can pretty Much do all things related to playing Chess if you go to chess.com jobs you'll Notice they're hiring a lot right now They have a lot of different jobs you'll Notice that they are hiring in the U.S Or Canada for some and then anywhere for Everything else which leads me to Believe that you can pretty much get Hired from anywhere you can apply from Anywhere so usually You might even find like a one that has To do with the EU but the ones I'm Showing you are anywhere so the first is A member support specialist Um and for this particular job you can See that when you go to the actual Listing here it's under the chess and Media section it says remote anywhere so It'll say remote at the top of the Application page but usually they'll be More specific on the actual listings Page so for this one obviously it's kind Of a customer support related job and It's for the largest one of the largest Gaming sites in the world the number one

Platform for playing and learning as Well as enjoying chess they're a team of 500 plus fully remote people in 70 plus Countries working hard to serve the Global chess community and they are a Tech company and a gaming company and a Content company is what they kind of Describe themselves as so about you your Thoughtful empathetic and understanding With the ability to guide users through Problems or issues you have extensive Experience working with others to solve Problems in a clear concise and Respectful way you will help them solve Their problems on chess.com their Members more specifically they get Thousands of support requests each day You will need to either find their Answer or resolve their issues you will Use your own computer to log into the Support system it's resolve tickets and You will also be expected to help Test New features and document bugs you're Humble with a sense of humor and don't Take yourself too seriously so That tells me that you know most of this Is probably email-based support because That's usually how support tickets work They submit a ticket and then you reply To them via email so you know usually You have phone chat or email this seems To be mostly email based they never Mention anything about taking calls or Being on the phone or even doing some

Companies even do like live video chats And stuff they don't really mention Anything like that it's mostly a Ticketing system so you'll be using the Ticketing system and respond to users Issues and concerns with timeliness and Detail you will identify feature bugs or Concerns and report them to relevant Teams you'll be on the lookout for Harassment and Foul Play Handle high Amounts of incoming tickets identify and Evaluate customers needs to deliver Satisfaction build sustainable Relationships of trust through open and Interactive discussion manage complaints Proper solution provide proper Solutions And options within the time limits Follow up to to secure the resolution You will keep records of interactions With customers process customer accounts And filet documents follow communication Procedures guidance and policies and go The extra mile to engage customers so Pretty standard stuff here mainly Main thing you need to know is you are Doing a ticketing system which is mostly Email based support you identify Features bugs and things like that you May even look out for uh people who are Spamming or violating policy guidelines So there might even be a little hint of Moderation in this job as well Preferred skills some proven customer Support experience or experience as a

Client service rep customer orientation And capacity to adapt or respond to Different types of characters Exceptional communication and Presentation skills ability to multitask Prioritize and control time effectively Completed High School strong Collaboration and communication skills Working in a fully distributed team Sense of ownership and responsibility Chess player lifelong worker lifelong Learner these are all preferred skills So I don't know how flexible they are With these it seems like this is the Type of company that would maybe they Don't expect you to meet all of the Preferred requirements here but Again most companies know that if you Put preferred that's not required it's Just something they would like for you To have so Um if you're say not a chess player I Don't think they're going to really hold That against you too much but they would Probably like you to be just because you Know more what you're talking about but This is a full-time or equivalent Position we are 100 remote work from Anywhere this is open to applicants from Anywhere they don't put any restrictions At all for a location here so that's Another thing about this job no matter Where you are obviously I get a lot of Comments on YouTube all the time about

Well what if I'm in this country or what If I'm in that country it literally says Anywhere they don't put any restrictions At all anywhere on either the the Listings page where they have this job Under chess and media they don't have it On the application page here either so This job seems to be one that's Literally anywhere and then you have the Graphic designer position this is Another one you can get here so if You're more artistic You can do a different type of job here It will require a little experience most Likely Um they say again they say preferred Skills I don't know how much of that is Actually required but you know they're Probably just looking for the best Candidate for the job so it depends on Who else is applying but As a graphic designer you will work to Bring fun personality and Professionalism to their media marketing And broadcast events you will work Closely with the art directors and Project managers to deliver designs in a Fast-paced but friendly environment you Will be an integral part of bringing the Fun of Chess to millions of players Daily the ideal candidate will have Experience working across the Disciplines of online design and Demonstrate the ability to create

Graphics that are simple queer and fun You should have a demonstrated ability To build Dynamic Graphics packages and Templates across a wide array of styles You should have strong foundational Design skills and be constantly learning And mastering new skills to work towards Developing your Creative Vision so Preferred skills three plus years Experience in online design strong Graphic design Acumen exceptional Creativity and problem solving Mastery Of Adobe Creative Suite proficiency with Figma strong production skills Experience is working in a fast-paced Environment excellent verbal and written Communication skills self-motivated Proactive portfolio displaying breadth Of work excellent communication skills Ability to take creative input and Collaborate with team members able to Stay productive and fulfilled in a Remote work environment able to work at Least four hours that overlap with core Us hours must have high-speed internet And illustration skills are a bonus so That's the only thing they say is our as Far as hours you need to have four hours Of overlap with core Us hours otherwise It seems like you can work pretty much From anywhere always have been always Will be 100 remote full-time or Equivalent position so That's another thing a lot of times

Graphic designers are you know more Part-time but either way you have a Couple of non-phone work from home jobs Available worldwide right now typically A customer support specialist which is Pretty much the closest thing I could Find to member support specialist on Chess.com is 54 000 a year in total pay 51 000 base pay so which is right around That you know if you're making fifty two Thousand a year that's a thousand Dollars a week so right around that Number Um typically a graphic designer they Don't have a salary for chess.com Specifically for this but a graphic Designer usually makes around uh forty Seven thousand a year total pay in the United States for example which this is A us-based company and then forty five Thousand or so a year base pay now as Far as what's like to work here they Have 46 reviews and they have an overall Rating that is very good 5 out of 5 Stars 100 recommend working here to a Friend 100 approve of the CEO not a ton Of reviews yet but still obviously a Perfect rating so far benefit wise they Don't have a lot of info yet but the one Ring they do have is five out of five so Obviously five out of 5 stars on Benefits and reviews so far and Obviously you'll never see that anywhere So uh interview wise

They don't have a ton of information but They do have a little bit they have 25 People who have posted information about Their interview process here 2.7 average Difficulty out of five interviewing here Which is right at average Um only 20 of people had a negative Experience interviewing here very good Ratings actually 76 percent had a Positive rating which is very high Considering uh I've you know studied a Lot of different companies and that's Definitely one of the higher positive Ratings I've seen there's usually like If negative is this low it's usually Like a pretty decent amount like 20 Percent will still be like net neutral But as far as interview questions I did Managed to gather a few that you might Get asked here generally for uh jobs That are not just super specific they Don't have a lot of of reviews yet so They don't have a lot that are specific To the customer support job or specific To a graphic designer job so these are Just some you might get asked for any Job here what was the most interesting Project you worked on how does your Skill set align with the role what gets You excited about this role tell me About the project where you've went Above and beyond to get it done and give Your best logical argument for why the Moon landing was faked I did not make up

That last one I was actually I saw Multiple people say that that was one That that they were asked in their Interview literally the very first one You see here interview question was the Best logical argument why the moon Landing was faked there's another one on Here somewhere as well I don't want to You know Bore You by scrolling through All those interview questions but um Multiple people were asked about that For different job titles so it might Just be a way to kind of lighten up the Interview I know interviews can be very Tense for some people maybe that's just Something they do to kind of ease into Things but hopefully this was helpful Don't forget to subscribe and click the Notification Bell if you want more daily Videos like this one and I'll see you in The next video

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