3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Creating a Blog Post

One the the key things you can do to promote your business, what ever that may be is create a blog and post regularly.  But its also important that you strike a balance between self-promotion and engaging content.  So before you sit down to write your first post, consider these points first:

1) What is the Purpose of your Blog?

Is your primary goal to sell a product, build a list or create a following?  By asking this question, it will help to shape the tone and direction of the content you create.

For example, if you are selling a product, then it would be reasonable for you to create content centered around that product (how it works, best practices etc.)

On the other hand, you your intent is brand, then the bulk of your content should be focused more on it’s entertainment value and strong associated with other social media platforms.

hands-woman-laptop-notebook2)  Who are you Talking To?

Having a sense of who your ideal visitor is will help you to communicate in a way that the reader can identify with.  If you’re not familiar with your audience, you are going to have a hard time attracting the right readers and keeping that audience.

An affective way to get to know your ideal audience is by following other blogs, forums, Facebook groups and other social media platforms.  The more you interact with your “tribe” the more you will become one of them.

3)  Is Your Post Useful?

Every post you create should contain at least ONE piece of information that the reader can take away and apply in some way.  Don’t just create content for the sake of filling space or even worse, trying to game the search engines!

So that’s it for this post.  Hopefully you’ve find and least 1 piece of the content useful 😉  Remember, subscribe and get updates on when new content is posted.


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